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ScreenUK Launches New Podcast Series

Teaming up with Den of Geek and Roddenberry Entertainment to present a special series of Does it Fly?, the podcast examines some of our favourite sci-fi classics from a sci-fact perspective. Can you change the laws of physics? We’re going...

A white woman and white man in Victorian clothing standing in a doorframe

Miss Scarlet & the Duke

Immerse yourself in compelling mysteries and plotlines in this cult hit about a bold woman detective in Victorian London.

Game still of a lava monster with glowing fire face

Monstrum 2

Attempt to escape the horrors of the procedurally-generated labyrinth of Sparrowlock in this asymmetric player-versus-player survival horror game.

Close up of a white man looking serious with blurred colourful lights behind him


In this merciless thriller, a detective tries to stop a masked sadist from live-broadcasting the executions of his captives.

One young brown woman and two young white women looking distressed in a dark room illuminated by fluorescent rainbow lights from the window

Drive-Away Dolls

Directed and co-written by Ethan Coen, this comedy caper stars outstanding performances from Margaret Qualley and Geraldine Viswanathan.

Close up of a man with curly dark hair wearing a white vest standing outside with trees in the background

How To Rob a Bank

Follow the life of a charismatic rebel as he pulls off an unparalleled number of bank robberies in 1990s Seattle.

Dark concert stage with three large stain glass windows in the background and a number of spotlights illuminating a figure on stage

GHOST: Rite Here Rite Now

American filmmaker Alex Ross Perry teams up with GHOST’s primary songwriter, Tobias Forge, to co-direct this vibrant music documentary.

A young white woman with dark wet hair lying down on bed wrapped in a towel

I Used To Be Funny

Shiva Baby’s Rachel Sennott leads this feature debut about trauma recovery from writer-director Ally Pankiw.

A white woman with short brown hair and a young white girl with glasses and light hair sit in a crowd looking out

Janet Planet

Zoe Ziegler and Julianne Nicholson are remarkable in Pulitzer prize-winner Annie Baker’s stunning directorial debut.

A young Black mother stands hugging a young Black girl, illuminated by soft purple light


This thoughtful drama about the mother-daughter relationship of two immigrants in Scotland is close, intimate and riveting.

Cartoonish animation of a young white trans man, a young brown woman and a white pug dog all looking scared with a spotlight on them

Dead End: Paranormal Park

This heartwarming, funny and sometimes spooky animated series warmly explores diverse representations of race, neurodiversity and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Animation of a young Black girl pulling along a young Black boy in a futuristic Largos, being chased by a drone


Explore the vibrant setting of a futuristic Lagos in this delightful six-part animated sci-fi series.

A white man stands on a stone bridge with a mural of tanks, helicopters and fighter jets attacking an alien, octopus-type figure


Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able are outstanding as the leads in this thrilling romantic sci-fi.

Two white men and a white woman lean on a vintage car in 1970s police detective dress

Life on Mars

Travel back to the 1970s in this gripping police drama with an enjoyable time-travelling twist.

A Black man in a suit, a white woman in a leather jacket and a white man in a captain's coat all smoulder at the camera


With a healthy dose of characteristic British humour, explore a rift in the time-space continuum in this captivating series.

A hooded silhouetted figure in front of a circle of supernatural, electric light of red and blue

The Wrap: June 2024

Discover more fresh and thrilling UK film, TV, animation, documentaries, and games waiting to entertain you this month!

A young white woman and young white man with ginger hair standing intimately close, laughing with each other

About Time

Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams are undeniably charming in this sweet and moving romantic comedy.

British Chinese woman with long dark hair looking ominous and detached with glowing green eyes


Based on the award-winning Swedish drama Real Humans, this thrilling and thought-provoking series is a must-watch.

A white woman with dark, curly hair holding a ginger cat, standing in a spacecraft's engine room


Sigourney Weaver is phenomenal in this masterful sci-fi horror that made her the name she is today.

A line of men in a spaceship, a white humanoid, a Black man dressed in zebra print jacket, a Black man in leather jacket and fur hat, and white man with H on forehead

Red Dwarf

In this ingenious, much-loved and long-running comedic space spoof, a dazzling array of creative ideas are explored.

A dishevelled, slightly bloody faced white man walks protectively with a young Black woman holding a swaddle while surrounded by soldiers

Children of Men

Directed and co-written by renowned Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón, this astounding dystopian thriller is as electrifying as it is smart.

A young woman with long dark hair sits on a stylish sofa, looking at camera


Delve into the history of one of London’s prime musical hotspots in this fascinating Dua Lipa-led four-part mini-series.

Gameplay of an industrial oil rig at a stormy sea

Still Wakes the Deep

Immerse yourself in this stunningly realised disaster story in which players must face a terrifying and unknowable enemy.

A young white woman kissing an older white man's hand, both wearing regal Tudor clothing


Alicia Vikander is remarkable as Katherine Parr in the English-language debut of Brazilian director Karim Aïnouz.

A young white woman and man in a dark apartment block staring at each other intently

Kinds of Kindness

Emma Stone, Jesse Plemons and Willem Dafoe are remarkable in Yorgos Lanthimos’s dark and wonderfully bizarre three-part film.

A white woman with dark hair, looking mournfully out into the distance


Julia Louis-Dreyfus gives a profoundly moving performance as a grieving mother in this darkly comedic drama.

A woman footballer in red shirt and white shorts holding a trophy aloft with a stadium full of people cheering

Copa 71

Fascinating interviews and stunning archival footage seamlessly intertwine in this galvanising and remarkable documentary about the 1971 Women’s World Cup.

A white woman with short blonde, crimped hair wearing a vibrant, colourful fringed jacket

Let the Canary Sing

Explore the legacy of iconic and trailblazing artist Cyndi Lauper in director Alison Ellwood’s fascinating documentary.

A group of young people looking cautious standing in the woods

Wreck (Season 2)

Over six thrilling episodes, follow this dark series as a group of young friends go in search of the truth.

Close up of a young Black man with bright golden, supernatural eyes


In his follow-up to Blue Story, Rapman explores a group of Black Londoners who develop superpowers in this compelling series.

A young Black woman sitting wistfully in an 80s style living room with plastic on the sofa


Set in South London, follow Jamaican-British woman Queenie as she finds herself heartbroken and caught between two cultures.

Animation of a grey bearded man with a grey tabby cat on his shoulder

Tabby McTat

From the team responsible for the Oscar-nominated animation, The Gruffalo, follow the action-packed life of a busker’s cat.

Brightly coloured plasticine oval characters with round eyes playing on a child's bedroom floor, colouring, sliding, jumping

The Very Small Creatures

Influenced by British animated series Morph, Lucy Izzard creates, writes and directs this charming stop-motion series.

ScreenUK - 2024 Tribeca Film Festival

ScreenUK wishes the best of luck to all of the incredible UK talent and titles appearing at the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival. Check out some of the brilliant UK titles featuring in this year's programme...

Behind The Scenes: Galacticare

We went behind the scenes of the newly released game Galacticare, developed by Brighton-based Brightrock Games, where players must manage their own extraterrestrial healthcare enterprise while trying to save the galaxy.

A young white man and young white boy holding a yellow teddy bear, smiling and standing in a green woods

Goodbye Christopher Robin

Domhnall Gleeson and Margot Robbie are outstanding in this enchanting drama about the difficult beginnings of Winnie-the-Pooh.

A white man hold a gun as a man in a suit holding a briefcase shrinks behind him


Lively action scenes permeate this counter-terrorism thriller, convincingly led by prolific British actor Sean Bean.

A young white man wearing a smart 1880's suit, holding a tube of light, with an arch of light bulbs over a sign reading 'TESLA'

The Current War

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon directs this fascinating 1880s battle of competing electricity systems from titans Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse.

A woman model in an Alexander McQueen dress with belt at the top, sprayed with black and neon green paint


Explore the fascinating and tragic life of audacious and talented working-class fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

A long line of young teen boys in striped 80s boarding school football uniforms linking arms

Old Boys

British actors Jonah Hauer-King and Alex Lawther brilliantly lead this charming and innovative romantic comedy.

Colourful CGI animation of three small, cute pink and red dinosaurs

Bad Dinosaurs

Endless shenanigans abound in this raucous and energetic animation about an endearing and enjoyably incompetent T-Rex family.

A young white woman cuddling a child looking content


This heartfelt mini-series about a transgender child delicately explores the complexity of familial relationships and adjusting to change.

Two white women behind an office desk, fluorescent lights behind them, looking serious

Scott & Bailey

Lose yourself in this gripping and enjoyable detective drama, running over five seasons from 2011 to 2016.

A white man in a suit walking away from a landed helicopter


This gripping and thrilling series follows a committee tasked with protecting UK citizens in times of national emergency.

A white teen girl with red hair smiling widely with a brown teen boy

Geek Girl

British writer Holly Smale’s fun, hilarious and enjoyably nerdy book is adapted to screen in this ten-episode series.

A white woman and man cuddle in bed

Trying (Season 4)

Adoptive parents Nikki and Jason return to screens facing their greatest parental challenge yet: raising teenagers.

Colourful CGI animation of a white man grating cheese over a three trays of lasagne while an orange cat and yellow dog look on in delight

The Garfield Movie

Mark Dindal directs this enjoyable slapstick adventure, voiced by Chris Pratt and Samuel L. Jackson.

A white man and white woman in traditional 19th Century western clothing sitting under the shade of a tree, hugging and looking content

The Dead Don't Hurt

Viggo Mortensen writes, directs, composes, co-produces and stars in this gorgeously shot Western, marking his second feature as director.

Side profile of a young white woman barrister in robes and wig, as a young white man looks across at her

The Killing Kind

This gripping psychological stalker drama is in the vein of Fatal Attraction with playfully reversed gender roles.

Gameplay of a yellow and black F1 race car on a track with other cars

F1 24

Join the grid and drive for your life in this thrilling and compulsive 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship game.

Beautiful, painting-esque gameplay of a dark, autumnal forest with rounded ghost figure and rounded glowing yellow character

The Final Farewell

This charming narrative adventure addresses important subjects such as grief, loss, acceptance and learning to let go.

A white man and woman in black police uniforms looking serious

Blue Lights (Season 1)

The unique pressures and dangers of being a frontline policeman are explored in this engrossing Northern Ireland-set series.

A white man looking serious at a white woman smiling strongly

Baby Reindeer

Follow a warped relationship with a female stalker as a man is forced to confront a deeply buried trauma.

A young Black man in a pin stripe suit and short afro smiles coyly at the camera

The Wrap: May 2024

Watch our video highlights and discover more great UK film, TV, animation and games available to you this May!

A confronted looking middle aged white man in regal red Tudor clothing and gold necklace


Exploring the dissolution of the monasteries in the Tudor era, this enjoyable drama series is both compelling and transfixing.

A white woman and white man looking tired speaking at a press conference with police detectives standing behind them


Benedict Cumberbatch stars in and executive produces this thrilling series that will appeal to fans of Sherlock.

A Japanese man with wild dark hair in a room, staring manically at the camera, framed by a TV screen

The Contestant

Fred Armisen and Takehiro Hira narrate this captivating documentary about an unknowing Japanese reality TV star.

A white man and white woman with shaved heads in striped concentration camp clothing looking across as each other

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Based on the eponymous novel by Heather Morris, Tali Shalom-Ezer directs this stirring six-part series set in Auschwitz concentration camp.

Gameplay of three burning tree stumps with mouth like bark with an orange glow

Harvest Hunt

Immerse yourself in this chilling roguelike survival horror, as you protect fellow villagers from terrifying and brutish souls.

A young white woman with large beehive style hair and thickly flicked eyleliner and young white man in a suit and hat

Back To Black

With music by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, delve into this heartfelt portrait of revered London singer Amy Winehouse.

Two white women looking serious in front of a house


Immerse yourself in this gripping and mysterious exploration of double lives, family dynamics and female identity.

A young white woman and a young Black man in 60s fashionable clothing and hairstyle, his arm around her

Doctor Who (Season 14)

Scottish Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa plays Doctor Who in the show’s thrilling fourteenth season.

BAFTA TV Awards 2024

The 2024 British Academy Television Awards ceremony was held on 12 May 2024 at the Royal Festival Hall in London to recognise the excellence in British television.



An all-Black cast lead this brilliantly biting satire, offering cultural observations alongside dazzlingly colourful costumes.

The Festival

Inbetweeners co-creator Iain Morris reunites with actor Joe Thomas for this good-natured and hilarious crowd-pleaser.


The Hollow Crown

A group of talented stage directors bring to life four Shakespeare plays with the help of an accomplished ensemble cast.



Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan create and star in this hugely endearing show about the impact of an unplanned pregnancy.

The Escapist

Captivatingly led by revered Scottish actor Brian Cox, lose yourself in this gripping prison drama.



Immerse yourself in a series of overlapping dramatic incidents in this exhilarating and fresh police drama.

Bullet Boy

Set in East London, this powerful crime-drama features a strong and understated central performance from Ashley Walters.



Join the enjoyably chaotic world of three working class women from Hull as they juggle life, love, family and friendship.

A white woman sits at a bar with a drink

The Long Shadow

Yorkshire is haunted by a terrifying serial killer in this subtle and intelligent seven-episode mini-series.

On Location: Glasgow

The UK has some amazing locations for shooting films. Watch our exclusive interview to find out what UK actress Le’Shantey Bonsu thought about filming in Glasgow, Scotland.

On Location: Islington

We asked English actor Eddie Marsan about his biggest cinematic memory. Watch our exclusive interview to find out what he had to say about filming Vera Drake in Islington.

On Location: Yeovil

The UK has some unique and ‘off the beaten track’ locations for shooting films. Watch our exclusive interview to find out what English actress Mia McKenna-Bruce says about filming in Yeovil, Somerset.

On Location: London

The UK is probably best known for films set in London. We asked Zawe Ashton for her thoughts on filming in England’s capital city, and why she loves working there.

On Location: Peckham

Rye Lane is a warm and playful romantic comedy where the South London landscape becomes its own character, with Peckham captured in its full and glorious vibrance. We met with the film’s star Vivian Oparah to find out what she thought about...

Behind The Scenes: Botany Manor

We went behind the scenes of Botany Manor, developed by London-based Balloon Studios, is an intriguing first-person puzzle game that allows players to explore an alluring and tranquil environment.

On Location: Wales

Great memories as well as great films and TV are made in the UK. We asked Zawe Ashton, Aimee Lou Wood and Asa Butterfield why Wales is such a great place to film.

On Location: Hemel Hempstead

The UK has some unusual locations for shooting films. Watch our exclusive interview to find out what Bradford-born actor Shaun Thomas thinks about filming in Hemel Hempstead.

On Location: Newhurst

The UK has some fantastic locations for shooting films. We asked BAFTA winning Egyptian-British actor Amir El-Masry for his thoughts about filming in Newhurst, located in the wilds of the Hebrides, off the coast of Scotland

On Location: Chigwell

Filming locations in the UK offer so many possibilities. We asked Lola Campbell and Charlotte Regal for their thoughts about filming in Chigwell on the outskirts of London.

On Location: Sheffield

The UK has some amazing locations for filming. We asked British Actor Stephen Graham why he thinks Sheffield is a great place to film and why.

A young white woman with short platinum blonde hair, wearing glasses, lanyard with pin badges and smiling widely

London Games Festival and WASD 2024

Attended by industry creatives, budding developers and games fans alike, this year's WADS once again showcased the UK's vibrant, colourful and endlessly creative independent game community. ScreenUK talked to the people behind the games to...

A young Black man smiling playing a video on a laptop using a purple controller

The London Games Festival 2024

We joined festival director, alongside games creators to find out what the festival means to them and why the UK is a thriving home to exciting and innovative games development. Watch our exclusive video and hear what they had to say.

A young Black woman and a young white woman in stylish clothes and sunglasses strutting down a hall

Big Mood

Derry Girls’ Nicola Coughlan and It’s a Sin’s Lydia West are magnificent and hilarious in this enjoyable six-episode comedy series.

Black and white still of an older white man looking bedraggled and a more put together younger white man facing off

A Forgotten Man

Adapted from Thomas Hürlimann’s play on the same subject, immerse yourself in this powerful exploration of wartime guilt.

A young white woman with long black hair and yellow gingham dress and a young white woman in corduroy jacket walk together through a museum foyer smiling


The producers of Fleabag offer up this hilarious series about a neurodiverse woman facing a familial crisis.

Young white boy with blond hair staring straight ahead, flanked by two white women either side looking serious

Alex Rider (Season 3)

The third season of this gripping spy series adapts the fifth novel from British novelist Anthony Horowitz.

Reconstructed image of a long wooden boat stuck in the mud with the water drained away

Drain the Oceans (Season 6)

Scientific data and digital recreations combine to reveal new secrets from the world’s vast history in this four-episode season.

Side profile of an elegant looking purple/pink octopus on some rocks under the ocean

Secrets of the Octopus

Narrated by Paul Rudd, this breathtaking docu-series grants viewers intimate access into the lives of octopuses.

A white family sit around a dinner table eating Chinese food

Dinner with the Parents

Based on Channel 4’s award-winning series Friday Night Dinner, this hilarious family comedy is created and co-produced by Jon Beckerman.

A bedraggled white woman with long black hair splayed out around her, wearing black clothing and smudged black eye make up, looking serious

The First Omen

Tawfeek Barhom and Sonia Braga feature in writer-director Arkasha Stevenson’s gripping prequel to The Omen.

Pixelated gameplay of a woman character in a chamber with a furnace and an arrow pointing up a ladder

Crow Country

Solve puzzles and riddles in this eerie survival horror game that pays nostalgic homage to PS1-style gameplay.

A young white woman in 18th Century pirate style clothing holding a pistol with an ornate broken down carriage behind her

Renegade Nell

Derry Girls' actor Louisa Harland brilliantly plays an 18th century proto-feminist in this fantastical eight-part comedy-drama series.

A white woman with long wavy blonde hair and black coat and sunglasses holding a coffee cup looking serious stood in a lift

The Wrap: April 2024

Watch our video highlights and discover more great UK film, TV, animation and video games available to you this April!

A young skinny white man in hospital scrubs stands on an empty bridge in London with the Parliament building behind him

28 Days Later

An exceptional central performance from Cillian Murphy leads this classic zombie movie with an incisive political edge.

A white man walks down a corridor with two people behind him, out of focus


Starring James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel and Rosario Dawson, this gripping art heist is as stylish as it is thrilling.

A group of young people tangled up and laying on top of each other looking at the camera


Revisit this original, daring, witty and highly entertaining series about a group of hedonistic UK teens, spanning from 2007-2013.

Two tall white men sitting on a London townhouse step looking sullen

Withnail & I

Revisit this hilarious British cult classic, set in London’s Camden Town in the late 1960s.

A white woman and white man hold each other and look at each other intently

All or Nothing

A starry British cast shine in this moving, melancholy and often funny exploration of lost love.

A young white woman in elegant black dress and a young white man in a stylish grey suit stand next to each other

On Location: Manchester

Zawe Ashton, Aimee Lou Wood and Alexandra Burke spoke to us about why Manchester is a great place to film in the UK. Watch our exclusive interview to find out what they had to say.

A line of elderly and young white women in regal period clothing in a grand house

Downton Abbey

Follow the lives of a British aristocratic family and their servants in the post-Edwardian era.

Three white men in suits and a white woman in a red velvet hat and coat

Our Friends In The North

An exceptional cast of then newcomers lead this captivating examination of the fall of Britain’s labour movement over three decades.

A young white woman holds the head of an older white man with long hair and beard, staring intently into his eyes, wearing period clothing

The Invisible Woman

Delve into this intimate, smart and captivating fictional account of Charles Dickens’ secret younger lover.

A white man with a wound on his head with blood dripping down walking with a young white boy

Wild Bill

Set in the gritty streets of South-East London, this is a bold and often intelligently comedic drama.

Two white teen boys with slicked back hair lean again a pebble dash wall

Just Jim

Emile Hirsch stars in this darkly comic drama about a Welsh teenager undergoing an identity transformation.

A bald white man in military uniform lounges on a chair are lots of bald white men stand behind him holding guns


Ralph Fiennes’ bold and electrifying directorial debut is a visually striking and deeply visceral Shakespearean delight.

Three teen boys and one teen girl lounge on the bonnet of a car and sit outside a windowsill smoking and drinking cans

A Way Of Life

Set in Cardiff, this powerful and compelling drama features a phenomenal central performance from Welsh actor Stephanie James.

Two white men, one Black man and one white woman stand in hospital uniforms wielding guns

Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace

This firm cult favourite follows a show within a show format, parodying both 80s horror television and dramatic soap opera.

A brown man sits on a chair with two older brown women and an older brown man stand around him with a vase of flowers beside them

The Kumars At No. 42

Over seven seasons from 2001-2006, Goodness Gracious Me’s Sanjeev Bhaskar plays an aspiring talk-show host who calamitously interviews high-profile celebrities.

A group of people pulling various faces at the camera


Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes pose as a couple in professional jobs in this hilarious and much-loved British sitcom.

A white man and woman in outdoor clothing and waterproofs standing in a caravan park


A dream caravan holiday goes awry in this chilling, idiosyncratic and highly distinctive dark comedy.

A white woman with a long lensed photo-journalist camera looking concerned, a line of men behind her

Civil War

Kirsten Dunst, Nick Offerman, Cailee Spaeny and Wagner Moura star in this gripping and adrenaline-fuelled dystopian drama.

A white woman and a white man walk through a grand, royal room with a large oil painting behind them


Based on the notorious 2019 interview with Prince Andrew, revisit the dogged journalism that enabled the interview to take place.

A middle aged white woman and man looking concerned and upset

Mr Bates vs. The Post Office

Revisit one of Britain’s biggest miscarriages of justice in this gripping dramatised series about the Post Office scandal.

An older white woman and a young white man in fine 17th Century clothing

Mary & George

An incredible central performance from Julianne Moore leads this fearless and highly enjoyable 17th century romp.

Colourful animation of a family of blue and light brown dogs


With over one hundred episodes on offer, dive headfirst into this compelling, witty and utterly delightful Australian cartoon.

A frog sits on a lily pad eating a caught fly in the side of its mouth

Our Living World

Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett narrates this fascinating four-part nature series, exploring the inextricable ways we’re all connected.

Gameplay of colourful alien patients of various sizes waiting in a line


As the director of Galacticare, players must manage their own extraterrestrial healthcare enterprise while trying to save the galaxy.

Beautiful game play of a woman picking luminous blue flowers from a garden in front of a grand home

Botany Manor

Explore the stately home of Botany Manor in this delightful first-person puzzle game, set within stunning British countryside surroundings.

Behind the Scenes: Femme

The exceptional feature debut Femme presents outstanding and thrilling performances from British actors George MacKay and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. We went behind the scenes with George and Nathan to hear their thoughts about the film.

Behind the Scenes: One Life

One Life, co-produced by See-Saw Films, MBK Productions and BBC Film, is a moving tribute to an astounding humanitarian effort by Nicholas 'Nicky' Winton, a young London broker who helped to rescue hundreds of predominantly Jewish children...

A middle aged white man with patterned shirt, black glasses and quiffed grey hair

On Location: Robert Chandler

ScreenUK asked Robert Chandler, the producer and co-director of The Canterville Ghost what interests him about shooting in the UK. Watch our exclusive interview to find out what he had to say.

Two white men one in a dark casual suit, the other in a white suit and white cowboy hat, at a garden party

Ricky Stanicky

Join three best friends as they embark on a prank gone horribly wrong in this amusing comedy.

A tired looking middle aged white man in a paramedic locker room with a young white man standing behind him

Black Flies

Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire directs this riveting thriller, based on the 2008 novel by American writer Shannon Burke.

Two young white girls in yellow school uniforms staring at each other as they cut into a small, single piece of food on their yellow plastic lunch plate

Club Zero

Talented Austrian writer-director Jessica Hausner explores body image and eating disorders in this gripping drama.

A young Maori man in a rugby shirt holding a battered rugby ball looking determined


New Zealand filmmakers Paul Middleditch and Hamish Bennett co-direct and co-write this uplifting coming-of-age dramedy.

Black and white still of an older Japanese man with black rimmed glasses and dark clothing, looking down, running a hand through his hair

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Opus

Bear witness to the final filmed performance of famed Japanese composer and recording artist Ryuichi Sakamoto.

White male golfer in dark clothing holding a gold ball and golf club walking across a golf course

Full Swing (Season 2)

Immerse yourself in the lives of professional golfers in this high-stakes second series of remarkable wins and losses.

Gameplay of suited characters carrying weapons walking out of smoky, spaceship chambers


As a member of the SENTRY Defence Program, players must protect their vessel in this fast-paced and dynamic game.

A grainy still of a group of men sitting out the back of a van with its doors open

The Black Stuff

This dark comedy-drama offers a sharp and insightful analysis of the UK’s working class in Northern England.

Three white women and one Black woman stand with their arms linked and around each other

Band of Gold

Running from 1995-1997, this uncompromising three-season drama explores the lives of sex workers in Northern England.

Three white men smiling with a bright blue sky behind them

Queer as Folk

Hitting television screens in 1999, this extraordinary breakthrough hit explores partying, heartache and unrequited love.

Two Asian men dressed as young fans of hip hop, wearing a beanie and bandana and chains, rapping and being animated

Goodness Gracious Me

Revisit this iconic and forward-thinking British-Asian sketch-comedy, based on many of the actors’ own lived experience.

Two white women, one Black man and three white men stand in a line wearing various costumes; nun, police officers, admiral, etc.


Ricky Gervais’s follow-up to The Office is a funny and intelligent tribute to failed aspirations.

Three white men looking grumpy and one white woman smiling in dated office attire in a boring office setting

The Office

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s genius creation still reverberates through popular culture in the UK and beyond.

A young white boy with a flapping kestrel on his hand standing in a muddy field


Revisit Ken Loach's acclaimed British social-realist drama - a timeless and heartbreaking coming-of-age tale.

Two Japanese men stand on a high balcony overlooking a cityscape with brightly lit high-rises


Starring an international ensemble cast, this gripping crime series is set across the sprawling cities of both Tokyo and London.

A white man in countryside attire, walks with a dog beside a lake with a grand estate behind him

The Gentleman

British filmmaker Guy Ritchie adapts his film of the same name into a gripping eight-part series.

A white woman and a white man with ginger hair sit in a golden lit field of long brown grass smiling at each other

Alice & Jack

Follow the highs and lows of a sixteen-year relationship between two flawed lovers in Victor Levin’s gripping show.

A middle aged white woman with red hair in an updo and silk hair wrap, wearing a fur coat with a cigarette in her mouth, being surrounded by photographers and reports


It’s A Sin creator Russell T. Davies helms this biographical series about the flamboyant soap opera star, Noele Gordon.

A lioness with two of her cubs, one rubbing their head against her


Narrated by American actress Angela Bassett, immerse yourself in the tales of matriarchs from the animal kingdom.

A young white woman saying something shocking to a middle aged white woman who looks shocked and offended

Wicked Little Letters

A 1920s English seaside town falls prey to an absurd and occasionally threatening scandal in this uproarious mystery comedy.

An elderly white man is being helped down stone steps of a beautiful lush green garden with a large house and a few people in the background

One Life

Immerse yourself in this moving tribute to an astounding humanitarian effort, based on the book by Barbara Winton.

A line of young Black footballers in England kit walking with an older white man in a suit on a sunny tree lined path

The Beautiful Game

Made with the support of the Homeless World Cup, everything’s to play for in this uplifting film about second chances.

A brown woman wearing a retro 80s jacket, bra and shorts, sitting closely next to a white woman with short dark hair, sleeveless top and baggy jeans in a dated, old school gym

Love Lies Bleeding

Lust blends with violence in this brilliantly acted drama starring Kristen Stewart and Katy O'Brian.

Close up of a thuggish looking young white man with neck tattoos smoking a cigarette staring at a young Black man looking off into the distance


This exceptional feature debut presents outstanding and thrilling performances from British actors George MacKay and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett.

A group of teen girls and one teen boy in white feathery angels outfits looking excited

What to Watch: International Women's Day 2024

Happy International Women’s Day! Celebrate by exploring an incredible selection of UK film, TV, animation and games created by inspiring women writers, producers and directors, and championing women-led stories and talent.

Black and white sketch style animation of a young boy with a mohawk facing a minimalist, scratchy animation of a large imposing wolf

Peter and the Wolf

An animated adaptation of Sergei Prokofiev's classic story, with narration and musical composition from Gavin Friday.

Animation of a green blue fly and a purple woodlouse standing in a pink bathtub with a yellow rubber duck and small spider on the background

Lloyd of the Flies

Aardman’s first CGI series is a glorious blend of comedic and affecting, brought to life by a stellar voice cast.

Animation of two red space creatures facing two blue space creatures across a dividing line of red and blue stones

The Smeds and the Smoos

Samantha Cutler and Daniel Snaddon co-direct this magical animated short that teaches children the damage of ignorant prejudice.

A Black man looks up to the sky with light across his face in contemplation

The After

Misan Harriman’s hard-hitting debut short features a fantastic performance from UK actor David Oyelowo.

Close up of a white woman in an astronaut suit looking serious


Directed, co-produced and co-written by Alfonso Cuarón, this absorbing thriller features outstanding performances from Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

A white woman, white man and Black man stand looking mysterious and serious


Revisit this widely-adored post cold-war spy thriller that captivatingly blends the personal and the political.

A white man and woman with thick lens glasses lean over a table with maps and documents, looking intense


Jessie Buckley, Stellan Skarsgård and Barry Keoghan are outstanding in Craig Mazin’s powerful five-part mini-series.

Two white men stand in a slightly snowy battle field, one holding a sword

Kingdom of Heaven

An all-star cast including Orlando Bloom, Eva Green and Brendan Gleeson lead this thoughtful historical epic.

A white man in 17th Century regal, flamboyant attire, sitting in a plush lake boat


Michael Hoffman directs this riotous and energetic 17th century biopic, led by Robert Downey Jr.

Black and white still of a white man in a sharp suit and hat flocked by photographers with old style flash cameras

Get ready for the 2024 Academy Awards!

It’s time for the Oscars! We couldn’t be more excited and can’t wait to celebrate the UK titles and talent nominated in this year’s Academy Awards. Check out some of this year’s superb UK nominees in our roundup video!

BAFTAs 2024 - Highlights

What a night it was at the BAFTAs! We were on the red carpet chatting with the stars, including exciting new talent alongside some very familiar faces...

Stop motion animation of a blue train on the tracks riding through greenery past a quaint stone building

Thomas & Friends

Dive into this fascinating and much-loved fictional world, featuring the expressive faces of Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends.

Animation of a middle aged white man in a grey suit, with big ears and a mole on his face, holding a small brown teddy bear

Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

This long-running British children’s show is a charming, enjoyable and easily-digestible watch for both children and parents alike.

Behind the scene shot of two white men, one sat in a chair fake screaming and the other standing laughing

King on Screen

Fans of Stephen King will delight in this comprehensive exploration of the legendary author’s cinematic legacy.

A brunette white woman and a dark haired with greys white man walk down a street

She Came To Me

Set in New York, this modern, multi-generational love story is written, directed and co-produced by Rebecca Miller.

A group of people sitting on the floor and on chairs in a living room

The Greatest Show Never Made

Re-visit the fascinatingly strange story of a fake reality TV fiasco in this smart and thoughtful three-part mini-series.

Game still of a young Black woman and a young white man playing guitar, sharing a microphone singing into it, sketchbook style animation

Riley and Rochelle

Immerse yourself in 90s nostalgia as you discover the highs and lows of the career of two romantically-involved musicians.

Gameplay of colourful playful animation of characters playing instruments in a green playing field with a crocodile in a robot astronaut suit in the background


Flex your creativity in a construction platform puzzler that transports you into the vast solar system.

Two white middle aged men at an old railway track

T2 Trainspotting

Twenty-one years after the 1996 film, Danny Boyle reprises four iconic characters in this enjoyable black comedy.

A young white man with shaved head running through a street with a another white man struggling to keep up behind him


Rediscover one of the most iconic British films of all time in Danny Boyle’s portrait of addiction in 90s Edinburgh.

Four white men in fantasy pirate style looking menacing clothing in a jungle


Hugh Jackman, Garrett Hedlund, Rooney Mara, Levi Miller and Amanda Seyfried star in this prequel origin story of Peter Pan.

Cheetah with two small cubs in a grassy landscape


Follow five predators across changing seasons and landscapes in this fascinating and informative wildlife documentary series.

A white woman and back man in a stylish suit and coat, stand by a car and glass fronted offices

Granite Harbour

This gloriously stylish and thrilling murder mystery stars an outstanding central performance from Romario Simpson.

Gameplay of a red robot getting sprayed with bubbles

Border Bots VR

On a future version of earth where AI dominates, play as a human border agent in this stimulating puzzle simulation.

A white woman with curly blonde hair and a white man with dark hair and beard, sit at a picnic bench beside a lake holding hands across the table

The Tourist (Season 2)

Danielle Macdonald and Northern Ireland’s Jamie Dornan masterfully lead season two of this brilliantly tense and fun caper.

Close up of a white woman in space in an astronaut's clothing and helmet looking shocked


Noomi Rapace and Jonathan Banks are captivating in this gripping sci-thriller from Breaking Bad director Michelle MacLaren.

A white man sits at his computer with projected images of white woman around him

Lover, Stalker, Killer

Explore the disturbing real-life story of a digital love triangle that ends in a chilling murder.

A white man in a freezing, snowy setting, with a woollen beanie hat and coat with fur trim, looking cold and intense

Cold Meat

Sébastien Drouin directs and co-writes his debut feature in this chilling and claustrophobic survival thriller.

A Black woman in a white vest top and two white men in black suit and black combat clothes riding in a speed boat


The lines between fiction and reality blur in this espionage thriller starring Sam Rockwell, Bryce Dallas Howard and Bryan Cranston.

Black and white still of a white woman with long blonde hair wearing a wooly beanie hat, turtleneck jumper, and waterproof jacket


Keith Wilhelm Kopp directs and produces this tender exploration of love, grief and memory in this intriguing Welsh drama.

Colourful banquet with tall pastel candles as a group of people laugh, drink and eat

BAFTAs 2024 - Get Ready!

ScreenUK is so excited for the BAFTAs 2024! Check out some of the excellent nominees in our video roundup, featuring a plethora of UK talent...

Birds eye view of game play of featureless figures in in a restaurant and some players in the kitchen cooking and serving up food


Balance a disorderly kitchen and restaurant management with strategic planning in this delightfully fun roguelite game.

An older Japanese man in elegant armour sitting on a white horse brandishing a sword, with red and blue background silhouette of other soldiers


Explore life in feudal Japan while enjoying a plethora of visual delights including skilfully choreographed fight sequences.

An older white man with big curly white hair and a thick grey moustache looking forlorn

Einstein and the Bomb

Explore Albert Einstein’s relationship with Germany, Hitler and the atom bomb in this thrilling and insightful docu-drama.

A young brown woman sits on a sunny grassy field next to a young white man lounging beside her, both smiling

One Day

Follow a romance that spans decades in this fourteen-episode series based on British author David Nicholls’ best-selling novel.

A Black man and American Japanese woman stand in a home, looking scuffed up and slightly bloody

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Atlanta star Donald Glover stars in and co-creates this eight-part series, based on the hit film.

A Black man flanked by two brown women and a Black man in a cold wilderness wearing light coloured animal furs

Out of Darkness

With incredible world-building prowess, this Stone Age survival thriller is as suspenseful as it is intriguing.

A young white woman with pastel pink hair and hot pink fluffy jacket smiling at a young white man with long brown hair looking stressed, sitting in an open top car


Keir O’Donnell marks his debut as writer-director in this thrilling heist-romance led by Stranger Things’ Joe Keery.

A black woman with cropped hair stands in a swim suit on the edge of a low rock overlooking a serene, vast blue sea in Greece


Based on the novel by Alexander Maksik, Anthony Chen directs this gentle but deeply affecting character drama.

A blonde white teenager lounges on a sun bed in a bikini, smiling slightly

How To Have Sex

This blistering exploration of consent authentically captures the beauty of female adolescence and friendship.

A young Syrian woman with a camera standing in a community kitchen space with other woman, some in head scarves.

The Old Oak

Allegedly Ken Loach’s final film, this rousing call for solidarity contains plenty of the British director’s signature humanising spirit.

A young white woman with long blonde hair standing in a bright green forest with blue flowers

Is Anybody Out There?

In this heartfelt and richly informative documentary, a filmmaker shows what it takes to love oneself in an ableist world.

A young white woman with green eyes starring in the lens of the camera in a super close up

Blue Bag Life

Immerse yourself in this extraordinary memoir of an artist trying to process a troubled relationship with her mother.

A man in gladiator armour and silver shield with sword lunges at another man in gladiator amour in a stadium of onlookers


Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix are magnificent as the leads in this thoroughly engaging historical epic.

A suave white man in a suit, sleeked back hair and sunglasses

The Man From U.N.C.L.E

Based on the 1960s television series created by Sam Rolfe, this high-octane spy caper offers charismatic performances and dazzling set-pieces.

A white man in Russian empirical clothing standing with a white woman in aristocratic clothing in a grand house

Anna Karenina

Based on the famous novel by Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, this bold and highly-stylised adaptation is both lively and engrossing.

Two women and two men in 50s clothing in a homely working class house

Vera Drake

A powerful central performance from Imelda Staunton leads this suspenseful and emotive film, filled with humanity and compassion.

A young white man in a red turtleneck and a white man in ragged soldier's uniform in the inside of a small woodlined boat


Hans Zimmer’s devastating score permeates Christopher Nolan’s ambitious and wholly immersive World War Two epic.

Black and white still of a white man in a suit holding up a landline phone to his ear while looking suspiciously out the window


Witness the birth of Christopher Nolan’s penchant for complex non-chronological narratives in his mysterious debut feature film.

Two young white Irish men in striped trackie tops in a pub playing a fruit machine

ScreenUK - 2024 Sundance Film Festival

ScreenUK wishes the best of luck to all of the incredible UK talent and titles appearing at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival. Check out our highlights video featuring some of the brilliant UK titles featuring at Sundance 2024...

A young American Chinese man with a backpack walking along a clear blue, crystal shore, in a personal video captured shot

The Mission

Discover the fascinating story beyond the headlines in this captivating exploration of faith and delusion.

A white man in old west clothing pointing an old style pistol, as another white man wearing a cowboy hat, riding a horse, also points a gun in the same direction

Butcher's Crossing

Prolific actor Nicolas Cage leads a strong cast in writer-director Gabe Polsky’s epic frontier adventure.

A young white woman with short brown hair sitting in court being questioned


Laura Way directs this three-episode mini-series about the 2002 Soham murders, and Maxine Carr’s role in covering them up.

A young brown woman in a wrestlers outfit holding aloft a champion's belt


From the director of Cheer, documentarian Greg Whiteley offers up a new set of underdogs to root for.

Animation of four young Black kids in superhero suits in fighting poses

Supa Team 4

Talented Zambian writer Malenga Mulendema has created an engrossing, fresh and funny animated African adventure.

A middle aged white man looking sharp with hair slick back in a suit and sunglasses, standing in front of a mustard yellow bus with 'Ferrari' written on it


Prolific and celebrated filmmaker Michael Mann directs this sleek biopic, with outstanding performances from Adam Driver and Penélope Cruz.

All Fun and Games

This horror-thriller grippingly explores the cruelty inherent in children’s games, and what happens when they go too far.

A young white girl looking terrified in a lift

Elevator Game

Rebekah McKendry’s second feature is based on the chilling online phenomenon of ‘The Elevator Game’.

Two white men in speedos walking on a sunny beach with their arms around each other, confronted by another white man

Rotting in the Sun

Jordan Firstman, Catalina Saavedra and Sebastián Silva are outstanding in this darkly funny exploration of a self-obsessed culture.

A young Argentinian man with black curly hair wearing a blue football shirt running through a crowd of photographers with a large stadium of supporters behind them

Diego Maradona

This gripping and compelling documentary beautifully captures the elation and catastrophe of Diego Maradona’s football career.

Gameplay of large mythical warrior creatures battling in a dark forest


Immerse yourself in this digital adaptation of the original board game, as you lead a group of mercenaries through Gloomhaven.

Pixel style game play of a female character with a red ponytail, backpack holding a sword, looking across a magical green landscape with trees, mountains and vegetable patches


Fans of Stardew Valley will enjoy this life simulation sandbox RPG, from veterans of the beloved Fable series.

A young white woman in a yellow dress and a young Black man in pink scrubs sitting on a bed with yellow and pink post-it notes behind them on the wall

The Flatshare

An unconventional flatshare arrangement forms the backdrop for this light, enjoyable and hopelessly addictive rom-com series.

A young East Asian woman covered in blood standing next to a young white man looking shocked with a small amount of blood on his face


Set on a cruise ship, a killer duck is on the loose in this taut, gripping and compelling comedy-chiller.

A white man and white woman kissing in a vibrant neon lit side street with bars and restaurants

The Lovers

Johnny Flynn and Roisin Gallagher create believable chemistry as the two leads in this often charming, sometimes abrasive rom-com.

A young white woman with blonde hair in a 60s style looking hopefully out of a red bus's window

Funny Woman

Gemma Arterton is nothing short of charming in this entertainingly nostalgic series, based on the popular Nick Hornby novel.

A Black male tennis player in red sports shirt and shorts holding a racket celebrating with lots of energy as a numerous rows of spectators celebrate behind him

Break Point (Season 2)

Plunge into the intense world of tennis in the second season of this thrilling and high-stakes documentary series.

Detailed gameplay of a white woman with brown ponytail bandaging her arm with a crossbow over her shoulder in a chaotic sea setting

Tomb Raider

Explore Lara Croft’s exceptional and valiant origin story in this well-written and thrilling classic game from 2013.

Old style game play of a white woman and white man in a suit holding a gun

Goldeneye 007

Over twenty-five years on, a re-master of the iconic 1997 first-person shooter game is available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

A seemingly middle aged white man with pale skin in a dark gothic setting wearing a black and red cape


Danish actor Claes Bang (The Square) is magnificent in this enjoyable, intelligent and frightening adaptation.

CGI white male giant with large ears in a magical rural landscape with a small girl on his shoulder


This London-set adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic novel is directed and co-produced by celebrated auteur Steven Spielberg.

Bright animation of a family of pastel pink pigs, Daddy, Mummy, Peppa and George, standing on green field with a house in the background

Peppa Pig

This long-running British children’s show is a charming, enjoyable and easily-digestible watch for both children and parents alike.

The Wrap: January 2024

Let's have some fun tonight! Check out our round-up of the best film, TV, animation and video game titles coming to a screen near you this January.

Colourful animation of a large brown dog in scout's leader uniform, surrounded by various small smiling animals in front of a rainbow

Hey Duggee

Creative, inclusive, cheerful and educational, this hugely popular animated pre-school series is narrated by BAFTA-winning comedian Alexander Armstrong.

A white woman and white man sitting on the grass playing with a young baby and smiling

Fool Me Once

British actor Michelle Keegan is remarkable as the lead in this gripping eight-part mini-series about a grieving widow.

Super close up image of a praying mantis insect with a red background

A Real Bug's Life

Inspired by the 1998 animation, A Bug’s Life, Pixar explores the fascinating lives of the planet’s tiniest bugs.

Images of a young Black woman and man in colour performing into a microphone, and black and white images of them looking determined


Top Boy’s Malcolm Kamulete is as outstanding as the original music compositions in this remarkable rap drama.

A middle aged white man sitting in a car loading a gun

American Star

Gonzalo López-Gallego directs this mysterious thriller about a man facing a crossroads in life.

A group of young Black teens in trendy clothes in a colourfully graffitied underpass

The Kitchen

Daniel Kaluuya’s directorial debut - which he also co-writes and co-produces - is sincere, heartfelt and dynamic.

A young white woman in a glamourous silver fringe dress in a purple lit nightclub

Sexy Beast

The Sopranos’ Michael Caleo creates, co-writes, executive-produces and directs this eight-episode prequel drama series.

A young Black woman and an older white man stand looking serious in a dark setting

Criminal Record

British actors Cush Jumbo and Peter Capaldi mesmerisingly lead this thrilling exploration of police corruption.

Two white men and a young mixed race man on horseback in a moody rural 1900's setting

The Settlers

Chilean director Felipe Gálvez Haberle offers up an ambitious debut feature that explores a period of Chile’s violent colonial history.

ScreenUK - Emmys 2024

ScreenUK wishes the best of luck to all of the incredible nominees in this year's 75th Emmy Awards. Check out our highlights video as we gear up to the awards...

A white woman in a white night dress laying slumped on the wet tarmac road of a country lane with three cows looming close behind

The Woman in the Wall

Featuring Bad Sisters’ Daryl McCormack, this exquisitely-made gothic mystery is as touching as it is harrowing.

An older white man in glasses looking thoughtful, a bookcase behind him

The Sixth Commandment

Timothy Spall’s performance is both wonderful and compelling in this intricate and captivating true-crime tale.

A white man sits in a dim 70's living room in an armchair beside a drinks table with bottles of alcohol and a landline telephone

Steeltown Murders

A Welsh community’s grief and past secrets are laid bare in this revealing, true-crime drama.

A white man in a lock up staring at a large shiny gold bullion

The Gold

British actor Hugh Bonneville leads this compelling drama about one of Britain’s most scandalous robberies.

A middle aged white woman sits beside a middle aged white man on a bench in the countryside eating chips

The Light in the Hall

Joanna Scanlan gives an outstanding performance as a grieving mother in this tense and frosty winter chiller.

Black and white image of two identical young white men

Tell Me Who I Am

As an amnesiac man recovers from an accident, he and his twin brother come to terms with their difficult childhoods.

Large colourful stage with 'Woodstock 99' banner and a sea of muddy festival goers

Trainwreck: Woodstock '99

This three-part documentary mini-series dutifully explores the disastrous events of the 1999 Woodstock revival festival.

Animation of an anthropomorphised rat looking unnerved with two large slugs behind him

Flushed Away

Immerse yourself in Aardman Animations’ first digital animated feature, with a voice cast that boasts Hugh Jackman and Jean Reno.

Two middle aged white men looking glum at a pub bar


Peep Show stars David Mitchell and Robert Webb return to lead this enthralling thriller-laced sitcom.

An older man and woman sit in a grassy meadow


Veteran actors Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson shine in this sweet and amusing tale of unlikely romance.

Four white men swaggering down an alley in cheap suits and ties, smoking, some wearing Christmas cracker party hats


Plunge into the unforgiving depths of a brutal world in this ruthless adaptation of Scottish novelist Irvine Welsh’s 1998 novel.

Gameplay of a beautiful mystic space setting, of a basic flying vehicle amongst wispy clouds and large galactic rock mountains

Heaven's Vault

Reveal a lost history in this engaging and unique narrative adventure game, featuring a diverse set of intriguing characters.

A white man and white woman embracing each other in the woods, a stream behind them, wearing earphones

The Lobster

Renowned absurdist writer-director Yorgos Lanthimos marks his English-language debut with this macabre satire on finding love.

Six men on a small row boat sailing through icy waters past a large glacier in the Arctic

The North Water

This five-part adventure series featuring a formidable Colin Farrell is the perfect series for winter night viewing.

An older white man and woman sit outside their shed drinking a cup of tea and eating a slice of toast

45 Years

British actors Tom Courtenay and Charlotte Rampling are at the top of their game in this rich and thought-provoking drama.

A young white boy leads a brown horse out of stable in soft twilight

Lean on Pete

Based on the novel by Willy Vlautin, Charlie Plummer exceptionally leads this moving and emotionally rich drama.

Two white women looking worn down, their babies strapped to their chests, carrying rucksacks as they walk through a woods

The End We Start From

Led by a gripping performance from Jodie Comer, motherhood is brought into sharp focus in this intimate survival drama.

At a coronation, a white man in ostentatious royal regalia, a gold crown wreath on his head, places a large gold crown on a white woman's head also wearing royal clothing


Oscar-winner Joaquin Phoenix is exceptional as Emperor Napoleon in this stunning and spectacle-filled action epic.

Bright cartoonish colourful gameplay of cars driving a green landscape with a black road leading vertically into the sky


Take control of the race by rolling your road to the finish line in this delightfully frenzied party racing game.

An older bedraggled looking white man with loose coat, shirt and tie eating a melting ice cream while walking through a park

Slow Horses (Season 3)

British actress Kristin Scott Thomas is first-rate in this big, bold and unapologetically fun spy thriller.

Stop motion animation of two chickens in a hen coop pointing at flip paper with diagrams on plotting their escape

Chicken Run

This visually innovative stop-motion, claymation adventure contains all the wit and charm of Nick Park’s Wallace and Gromit.

Two young white women sitting on a cosy bed, with lots of posters and art on the walls, laughing

Such Brave Girls

Join an endearingly dysfunctional family with a questionable sense of judgement in this brutally hilarious sitcom.

Young children playing on a snowy slope in snow suits and using wooden sledges

Occupied City

The past collides with the present in Steve McQueen’s moving musing on Amsterdam, from Nazi occupation to the present day.

An older white man with round glasses and a middle aged white man, both in suits, touching a wooden box on a desk

Freud's Last Session

Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and author C.S. Lewis embark on a fictitious meeting of minds in this fascinating drama.

A white woman carrying a baby walking in a large, bright enclosed garden

The Zone of Interest

Sandra Hüller and Cristian Friedel star in this chilling Holocaust drama, examining the lives of those complicit in unimaginable atrocities.

An older white man sitting on a cushioned sun lounger by a private pool with lush greenery behind him, dressed in PJs and robe with a landline telephone to his ear


Based on the book by Dyan Cannon, the remarkable and little-known story of Hollywood superstar Cary Grant is skilfully explored.

Serene animated gameplay of a young white woman hopping across rocks in a lush, green Scottish landscape with music notes floating up from her

A Highland Song

Immerse yourself in the Scottish Highlands as you traverse wild paths, dangerous mountains and imposing caves.

A young white man with his arm around a middle aged white man in a club setting with fluorescent purple light on them

All of Us Strangers

Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott are exceptional in this deeply affecting examination of grief, love and loneliness.

A white woman with long black hair wears a yellow satin dressing gown, stood in a forest with dappled light shining through, a man in a suit stands behind her

Poor Things

Emma Stone gives an outstanding performance in Yorgos Lanthimos’s thrillingly absurd romantic sci-fi.

A young white man stares at a tiny bright orange man with green hair trapped under a glass dome on a desk


Timothée Chalamet is intoxicating as Willy Wonka in this fun and rambunctious prequel origin story.

A young white boy at a cave mouth with a bright scene behind him, motions his dog to be quiet

Behind the Scenes: Kensuke's Kingdom

Kensuke's Kingdom is a 2023 animated film based on the book of the same name by Michael Morpurgo. We went behind the scenes with directors Neil Boyle and Kirk Hendry to find out more about the movie and how it came into their lives.

A young white man sits on a GPs table wearing a colourful jumpsuit with a Black male doctor scanning him with a devise, a young redheaded white woman stands in the background


A vibrant and energetic central performance from Máiréad Tyers leads this creative and enjoyable fantasy series.

A white middle aged woman looking cautious holding a rifle


An outstanding central performance from British actor Keeley Hawes leads this nail-biting thriller about a holiday thrown into chaos.

An older white man in a red jumpsuit looks menacingly through a two way mirror, a younger white woman stands on the other side

The Devil's Hour

An incredible central performance from Jessica Raine holds together the chilling action in this Emmy-nominated series.

Close up, playful shot of smiling young Afgani boys playing in and around a river

Bitter Lake

Immerse yourself in rarely-seen-before footage from the archives in Adam Curtis’s bold and illuminating experimental documentary.

A young white man in leather jacket sits on the roof of a car with a mixed race young Black man walking away with purpose

Calm with Horses

Cosmo Jarvis and Barry Keoghan are outstanding in this deeply immersive tale of doomed masculinity in rural Ireland.

A middle aged white man in a white doctors coat applying wires and monitors to bare torso of a young white man

Killing of a Sacred Deer

Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman and Barry Keoghan star in this unsettling drama from renowned and wonderfully idiosyncratic writer-director Yorgos Lanthimos.

A blonde white woman drinking through a red and white striped straw reading a book with baby pink cover

Promising Young Woman

Emerald Fennell’s auspicious debut as writer-director features a career-defining performance for British lead actor Carey Mulligan.

Cartoonish gameplay of a character shouldering a bazooka firing at a rock face

Big Fat Battle

Immerse yourself in this vibrant and brilliantly chaotic game of team battles, featuring delightfully off-the-wall characters.

Old school gameplay in a dark fantasy setting of a sword welding character fighting four snake-like monster heads in a gothic courtyard

The Last Faith

In this thrilling blend of metroidvania and soulslike, players must fight the scourge that is turning men into brutal creatures.

Close up of a young artic fox in a wild snowy landscape

Incredible Animal Journeys

Immerse yourself in various species’ migration journeys from the Antarctic to the African Savanna in this captivating seven-part series.

A young white male solider of WWII standing looking haunted

World on Fire (Season 2)

This ambitious drama shows World War II through the lives of the ordinary people who were forced to endure it.

A white family of a Mother, Father, teen daughter and young son, wearing dated, 'respectable' clothing sitting on the sofa and floor

Everyone Else Burns

Simon Bird leads this coming-of-age comedy about a family firmly entrenched within a religious cult.

A white middle aged woman in a Police Detective coat standing on a windy beach shore looking thoughtful

Annika (Season 2)

Season two of Annika returns with fresh plotlines, improved scripts and more ingenious darkly comic monologues.

A young white man pointing a gun out of the window of a red car, a young blonde woman sits in the passenger seat

Baby Driver

Ansel Elgort masterfully leads this thoroughly cinematic and exhilarating musical crime thriller from writer-director Edgar Wright.

A line of 5 white men standing at a pubs bar all downing a pint of beer with their right hand

The World's End

Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright reunite for this distinctive apocalypse comedy about a group of middle-aged men.

Two white men stand facing each other on the street at night with a ghoulish figure in the background between them

Shaun of the Dead

Horror and satirical comedy are perfectly blended in this likeable and funny spoof led by Simon Pegg.

Two white male police officers standing in a field with a white bedraggled man holding a shotgun next to a large circular ancient undetonated bomb

Hot Fuzz

The sharp and comedic minds behind Shaun of the Dead return for this enjoyable buddy cop satire.

A young white woman in an elegant blue corset dress and young black man in a smart black and white tux, lying on a stone floor beside each other

Behind the Scenes: The Buccaneers

The Buccaneers is a hugely joyful and charming series, starring Imogen Waterhouse and other British talent. We went behind the scenes and spoke to the series director Susanna White to find out how it came to be styled and filmed.

An epic shot of a green coastal hills and cold waters with a grand castle in the distance, a carriage and two horse ride along a path

On Location: Scotland

We asked Susanna White, the director behind the TV series, The Buccaneers, why she used such a varied mix of locations, and which were her favourites.

Grouping a three white men in vicar dog collars and a put together white woman

Father Ted

Dermot Morgan’s performance is outstanding in one of the most beloved and hilarious TV shows of all time.

A group of people, two older, a few younger, and a young boy, dressed in festive folk clothing

A Boy Called Christmas

Michiel Huisman and Kristen Wiig star in this magical, hilarious and endearing story that proves nothing is impossible.

Arthur Christmas

Become enraptured by this joyful, straightforward and outright fun animation, co-directed by Sarah Smith and Barry Cook.

A young Black woman and young white man wearing thick coats and hats hold hands as the woman leans out the window of a frosty ice cream van

Your Christmas or Mine?

Sex Education’s Asa Butterfield stars in this hilarious life-swap rom-com, directed by Irish filmmaker Jim O’Hanlon.

A young white woman and a young Black man wearing jumpers sitting at the bar or a pub looking polite

This is Christmas

Become absorbed in the enjoyably absurd premise of this sweet-natured and moving festive firecracker.

Animated in a painted drawn style of a toy clown hugging a small Christmas tree looking content


Immerse yourself in this charming and nostalgic short, directed and co-written by Luigi Berio.

A white blonde woman in red Christmassy penguin pyjamas sits crossed legged on a messy sofa strewn with books and papers

Bridget Jones's Diary

Renée Zellweger’s Oscar-nominated performance as the endearingly flawed Bridget Jones is as hilarious as it is charming.

The Wrap: November 2023

Debutantes, plucky underdogs, and evil exes... these upcoming November releases are sure to thrill! Check out our round-up of the best film, TV, animation and games titles coming to a screen near you this autumn.

A Black man and woman and two white women stand in a dark underground train tunnel wearing bulletproof vests


An all-star British cast feature in this glossy and stylish television heist, led by UK actor Gemma Arterton.

A white woman in a sophisticated hot pink dress with short blonde hair, smiling with her young sons, standing with her arm around the shorter one

The Crown (Season 6)

The fictionalised exploration of Britain’s Royal Family continues in The Crown’s sixth and final season.

A white man in a suit, JFK, walking away from an airplane with 'United States of America' written on it, surrounded by official people

JFK: One Day in America

With an original approach to a well-known story, director Ella Wright recounts the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

A middle aged white man with dark hair and tattoos, lounging in black vest and boxers, wearing a small gold tiger chain necklace

Robbie Williams

A four-part mini-series documenting the life of one of the most successful British performers of all time, Robbie Williams.

Gameplay of a blue racing car, whizzing through a snowy terrain with tall snow-tipped trees in the background

EA Sports WRC

Immerse yourself in this electrifying rally game, developed by the award-winning team behind the DiRT Rally series.

A young Black woman, brown woman and white woman smiling in a grand house wearing 1800s elegant clothing

The Buccaneers

Fans of Bridgerton will enjoy this raucous period rom-com, starring Kristine Froseth, Alisha Boe, Josie Totah and Aubri Ibrag.

A young white man in a tux sitting at a grand table with many candles covering the table, his image reflected in a disorientating way


Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi lead this exquisitely black-hearted tale of privilege, with Margot Robbie on board as co-producer.

American Samoan football team of men and a trans woman performing the Haka in a green training field

Next Goal Wins

Oscar-winning director Taika Waititi teams up with revered actor Michael Fassbender in this heartfelt underdog comedy.

Anime style animation of a white male character mid-action shot running with a look of determination

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

The film’s original cast return to voice this stunning animated series, based on the graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley.

Cartoon animation of an old white male ghost wearing Elizabethan clothing and neck ruffle, a sword pointed at his neck and his head popped up detached in a comical fashion

Behind the Scenes: The Canterville Ghost

An all-star UK cast lend their vocal talents to The Canterville Ghost, a warm-hearted animation, based on a short story by Oscar Wilde. We went behind the scenes and spoke to the creative team behind the film to find out how the story was...

On My Screen: Garth Davis

At the 2023 BFI London Film Festival, we asked Garth Davis, the Australian director of Foe which premiered at this year’s festival, about the UK Directors that he wants everyone to watch.

A black and white grainy film image of a young man lighting a cigarette and a young woman stood next to him


Cornwall-born Mark Jenkin’s dreamlike masterpiece is as visually distinctive as it is narratively gripping and satisfying.

A group of mixed aged women standing in lines as a choir smiling

Military Wives

Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan lead this crowd-pleasing drama-comedy exploring the power and catharsis of collective music.

A green cartoon game figure with long arms is moving along a purple track of confetti and 'gulp' drink cans, with a red balloon in tow

Drink More Glurp

Compete with friends or play solo as you swing your way through this endlessly enjoyable mini-golf party game.

Four young white girls in shiny pajamas running about a field with a rainbow in the background

Kingdom of Us

A complex story about a family whose lives change forever due to the suicide of husband and father, Paul Shanks.

Two young white girls wearing loose head scarves standing in a doorway handing out pamphlets


Manchester-born writer-director Daniel Kokotajlo uses first-hand experience to craft his debut feature exploring life as a Jehovah’s Witness.

A Pakistani trans woman riding a red moped wearing white and red salwar kameez and large good earrings, with a Pakistani man sitting on the moped behind her


This astonishing debut from Pakistani writer-director Saim Sadiq looks at the repressed desires of a family in Lahore.

A white man wearing a dark green jacket and blue shirt sits beside a film poster for Foe

On My Screen: Iain Reid

At this year’s BFI London Film Festival, we asked Iain Reid, the Canadian best-selling author of Foe, about the one UK Film that he wants everyone to watch.

Three white characters wearing elaborate period costumes representing significant historical figures

Horrible Histories

Learn about history through a unique and endlessly funny lens, in this original comedy series that’s not just for children.

A white man and woman in dark suits stand in a grand library

A Discovery of Witches

Immerse yourself in this supernatural fantasy series based on author Deborah Harkness’s dark and gripping trilogy.

A white woman with black hair in a bun wearing black elegant period clothing, spreading out tarot cards in a shiny wooden table

Penny Dreadful

Skyfall writer John Logan explores the origin stories of some of literature’s most horrifying characters, including Dr Jekyll and Dracula.

A young Black woman holding a white baby while she's on the phone walking outside

The Baby

Created, directed, written and executive-produced by an entirely female team, this eight-part series won’t fail to enrapture.

A white woman wet through, flattened dark wet hair, holding a bundle tighten, screaming and looking frightened

The Hallow

Filmmaker Corin Hardy delivers an impressive debut about a family fighting evil spirits in an Irish forest.

Victorian era, a white woman in male drag is dressed for a performance stood next to a smiling woman with large feathers in her hair

The Limehouse Golem

Juan Carlos Medina directs this Victorian-set murder mystery, captivatingly led by British actor Bill Nighy.

A white woman with long dark hair in a blood stained white shirt and bloody face looking scared

The Awakening

Rebecca Hall is phenomenal in this gripping and disturbing supernatural thriller.

A white man with period era suit and long jacket walks through a rundown and heavily weeded grand estate through broken and rusted metal gates

The Woman in Black

Classic British institution, Hammer Films, is revived for this fresh take on Susan Hill’s widely-adapted novel.

Young woman with dark hair pulled back, wearing a holey orange jumper, standing in a farm

The Levelling

Immerse yourself in rural Somerset in this fierce, uncompromising and unsettling tale of tragedy, poverty and family secrets.

Animation of a black cat and light brown dog in superhero outfits tied together back to back

StarDog and TurboCat

A starry voice-cast lend their talents to this entertaining animation about a dog who time-travels fifty years into the future.

Young girl with dark hair, white shirt and black sweater vest, walking waist deep into a lake

Top of the Lake

Oscar-winning writer-director Jane Campion helms this captivating female-led crime drama, featuring a remarkable performance from Elisabeth Moss.

A bearded, shaggy haired white man, baptising a white woman with long dark hair in the sea

Mary Magdalene

Rooney Mara is outstanding in this bold and ambitious attempt to reposition Mary Magdalene outside of misogynistic ideology.

A young Indian man with small beard and wavy short hair walking on a street in India with bustle around him


Dev Patel masterfully leads this affecting drama about a lost child who reunites with his estranged family twenty-five years later.

Two middle aged white men sitting on large tree roots, wearing muted outdoor clothes


Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones are outstanding in this charming comedy about two middle-aged metal-detecting friends.

Two white men and one woman sit in a car


This captivating thriller explores the origins of Tetris and how it found its way out of Russia.

Three young white women in period nurse uniforms riding bikes with young kids playing in the background

Call the Midwife

Immerse yourself in this moving, funny and progressive look at midwifery in 1950s East End London.

A white couple in autumnal clothing standing in soft outdoor light, embracing


Rafe Spall and Esther Smith are dazzling as a couple pursuing adoption in this unlikely comedic exploration of infertility.

An older white woman in a floral shirt stands in a sunny garden

Flesh and Blood

What you see isn’t always what you get in this gripping Imelda Staunton-led four-part mini-series.

A line of middle aged and older people in swinging dresses and braces on stage dancing

Finding Your Feet

A starry cast lead this feel-good comedy-drama, with Imelda Staunton, Celia Imrie and Timothy Spall.

Dated image of a bearded white man in a wetsuit, woollen hat, and yellow 'Greenpeace' shirt with a cigarette in his mouth, on board a boat

How to Change the World

British filmmaker Jerry Rothwell examines the genesis of Greenpeace in this engrossing and inspiring documentary.

The Wrap: October 2023

While we hunker down for spooky season, October’s upcoming releases are sure to chill as well as thrill! Check out our video round-up of the best film, TV, animation and games titles coming to a screen near you.

At dusk a man stands in a large plot of land (vineyard) with rows of fences for grapevines left barren with a small smoking fire in the distance

Sour Grapes

A captivating true-crime documentary about a young savant who conned wine enthusiasts out of millions of dollars.

Animated gameplay of a wizard in large blue hat using a staff as a gold club inside a stone castle with treasures littered around

Dungeon Golf

Compete with friends or play solo as you swing your way through this endlessly enjoyable mini-golf party game.

A team of male footballers wearing black and white striped kit stood in a huddle on the pitch

We Are Newcastle United

This four-episode documentary series explores Newcastle United FC as they search for a sponsor and deal with accusations of overspending.

A white working class family in the 1970s sitting on a sofa in their muted house

The Enfield Poltergeist

This docu-series explores and reconstructs the infamous events that went on to form the basis of The Conjuring 2.

Spooky image of a young person with rosary beads wrapped around eyes and mouth

The Devil on Trial

Explore the trial of a nineteen-year-old boy who claimed he committed a murder under possession of the devil.

A young white woman and an older man stand behind reflected glass looking serious


Produced by the team behind Peaky Blinders, Stephen Graham and Unorthodox actor Shira Haas star in this time-bending crime thriller.

A group of young, cool people lounging against each other

Everything Now

Talk to Me actor Sophie Wilde is outstanding as a sixteen-year-old who strives to redefine herself outside of her illness.

Two male footballers in red and white kit, one with 'Beckham 7' on back of shirt, and a football manager on the football field celebrating


Explore the life, career and legacy of one of the most famous footballers of all time, David Beckham.

Two young white women with large backpacks in a dusty, sandy landscape

The Royal Hotel

Writer-director Kitty Green and actor Julia Garner reunite for this electrifying, chilling and genre-expanding thriller set in Australia’s outback.

A white older man sitting in a cool blue room by a long wooden table

The Pigeon Tunnel

Dive into the story of John le Carré's extraordinary life, directed and written by Academy Award-winning documentarian Errol Morris.

Cartoon animation of an old white male slightly glowing ghost in Elizabethan ruff and clothing, floating next to a young white red headed woman

The Canterville Ghost

An all-star cast lend their vocal talents to this warm-hearted animation, based on a short story by Oscar Wilde.

Dark image of a white male and female couple laying in bed on their front, arms around each other


Academy Award nominees Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal star in this mesmerising sci-fi, based on best-selling author Iain Reid’s novel.

A young white man with angular features looks to the side in dark lighting

Behind the Scenes: Foe

Foe, starring Academy Award nominees Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal, is a mesmerising sci-fi film, based on best-selling author Iain Reid’s novel. We went behind the scenes and spoke to the creative team behind the film to find out how it...

Black and white image of two local Himalayan people, a young boy sat on an old man's lap

The Epic of Everest

Restored by the BFI, this staggering 1924 documentary captures footage from two ill-fated explorers on Mount Everest.

Gameplay of a car speeding towards a viaduct in a scenic, mountain landscape

Forza Horizon 4

Snake round Britain’s country roads, speed through mountain ranges, and zip through dense woodland in this dazzling racing game.

Two older white women, white older man and white middle aged woman standing in a grey countryside wearing thick coats

Last Tango in Halifax

Happy Valley creator Sally Wainwright constructs a warm and welcoming family drama starring Sarah Lancashire.

Black and white still of a white blonde woman dressed in a white dress and cape smoking a cigarette, lent against a pole next to a white man in a dark suit


The legend of Citizen Kane is explored in David Fincher’s gorgeous homage to, and exposé of, Hollywood’s golden age.

A dark-redheaded white woman and a dark haired white man sit on the edge of a river bank in the rain facing each other, staring intently

Wild Mountain Thyme

John Patrick Shanley directs and adapts his own play in this comedic, moving and wildly romantic tale.

A young Black man in a suit standing at a tired office kitchen, flanked by a standing young white man and a seated older white man

Dreaming Whilst Black

Adjani Salmon co-creates and stars in this innovative sitcom about a Black filmmaker struggling to advance his career.

A red headed white teen girl wearing glasses reading a newspaper with excitement

How To Build A Girl

Beanie Feldstein charmingly leads this rough-and-ready romp about the exploits of a working-class teenager from Wolverhampton.

Gameplay of a female character in steampunk clothing holding an old style rifle up, pointing and shooting, in a cave-type place facing a grand stone building

Fable III

Immerse yourself in this action role-playing game, the much-anticipated third instalment of the beloved Fable series.

A middle aged white man in a sharp suit and brimmed hat looking haunted


Cillian Murphy is astonishing in Christopher Nolan’s engrossing and expansive biopic about the creation of the atomic bomb.

A teenage girl wearing a multi-coloured jumper in a kitchen with her mum chopping a leek

Pin Cushion

This disquieting family drama is led by two career-making performances by British actors Lily Newmark and Joanna Scanlan.

A young Arab boy with short curly hair riding a small donkey in a sandy landscape


Young Jordanian actor Jacir Eid Al-Hwietat is outstanding in this Bedouin western about betrayal and survival.

A white woman, white man and Black man stand looking determined in front of a turquoise van

Truth Seekers

Join comedy duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as they reunite in a series about paranormal investigators.

Gameplay of characters in an animated farm setting with rows of crops a barn and tractor

Hokko Life

Design your own town in this gentle and endearing community sim game that will appeal to fans of Animal Crossing.

A black and white still of a middle aged man stood at the helm of an old cargo boat

Of Time and the City

Immerse yourself in Terence Davies’ heartful study of the city of Liverpool, where he grew up in the 1950s.

Claymation of a group of characters wearing animal furs in a pre-historic setting

Early Man

Immerse yourself in the stone age in this unique, charming and laugh-out-loud funny Aardman animation.