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The Light in the Hall

Created by British screenwriter Regina Moriarty, this Wales-set six-part series is led by a brilliant performance by the UK’s Joanna Scanlan. Bolstered by an all-Welsh ensemble cast including Alexandra Roach, Iwan Rheon, Hannah Daniel and Sian Reese-Williams, this gently-paced drama delivers muted but satisfying thrills. Co-produced by APC Studios, Channel 4 Television, Sianel 4 Cymru and Triongl Cyf.





After Ela Roberts (Ella Peel) disappears from a small town in Wales, her boyfriend Joe (Iwan Rheon) is arrested and convicted of her murder. With news that he’ll soon be released on parole, Ela’s mother Sharon (Joanna Scanlan) and journalist Cat (Alexandra Roach) confront the past as they continue to fight for justice.