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Red Dwarf

Running for thirteen seasons from 1988, this initially cult show has gone on to be widely recognised in mainstream British culture. Created and written by UK screenwriters Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, the series stars accomplished comedic British actors Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, Norman Lovett, Robert Llewellyn and Chris Barrie. Co-produced initially by BBC and later by Baby Cow Productions.




After surviving a radiation leak on his mining ship, Dave Lister (Craig Charles) discovers he’s come out of suspended animation three million years later, and he’s not alone, even if he is the only human. Follow endless shenanigans on the Red Dwarf spaceship with the likes of a holograph of Dave's dead shipmate (Chris Barrie), the vain Cat (Danny John-Jules), the ship's computer Holly (Norman Lovett) and robot Kryten (Robert Llewellyn).