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A young Black woman and a young white woman in stylish clothes and sunglasses strutting down a hall

Big Mood

Derry Girls’ Nicola Coughlan and It’s a Sin’s Lydia West are magnificent and hilarious in this enjoyable six-episode comedy series.

A young white woman with long black hair and yellow gingham dress and a young white woman in corduroy jacket walk together through a museum foyer smiling


The producers of Fleabag offer up this hilarious series about a neurodiverse woman facing a familial crisis.

Young white boy with blond hair staring straight ahead, flanked by two white women either side looking serious

Alex Rider (Season 3)

The third season of this gripping spy series adapts the fifth novel from British novelist Anthony Horowitz.

Reconstructed image of a long wooden boat stuck in the mud with the water drained away

Drain the Oceans (Season 6)

Scientific data and digital recreations combine to reveal new secrets from the world’s vast history in this four-episode season.

Side profile of an elegant looking purple/pink octopus on some rocks under the ocean

Secrets of the Octopus

Narrated by Paul Rudd, this breathtaking docu-series grants viewers intimate access into the lives of octopuses.

A white family sit around a dinner table eating Chinese food

Dinner with the Parents

Based on Channel 4’s award-winning series Friday Night Dinner, this hilarious family comedy is created and co-produced by Jon Beckerman.

A young white woman in 18th Century pirate style clothing holding a pistol with an ornate broken down carriage behind her

Renegade Nell

Derry Girls' actor Louisa Harland brilliantly plays an 18th century proto-feminist in this fantastical eight-part comedy-drama series.

A white woman with long wavy blonde hair and black coat and sunglasses holding a coffee cup looking serious stood in a lift

The Wrap: April 2024

Watch our video highlights and discover more great UK film, TV, animation and video games available to you this April!

A group of young people tangled up and laying on top of each other looking at the camera


Revisit this original, daring, witty and highly entertaining series about a group of hedonistic UK teens, spanning from 2007-2013.

A young white woman in elegant black dress and a young white man in a stylish grey suit stand next to each other

On Location: Manchester

Zawe Ashton, Aimee Lou Wood and Alexandra Burke spoke to us about why Manchester is a great place to film in the UK. Watch our exclusive interview to find out what they had to say.

A line of elderly and young white women in regal period clothing in a grand house

Downton Abbey

Follow the lives of a British aristocratic family and their servants in the post-Edwardian era.

Three white men in suits and a white woman in a red velvet hat and coat

Our Friends In The North

An exceptional cast of then newcomers lead this captivating examination of the fall of Britain’s labour movement over three decades.

Two white men, one Black man and one white woman stand in hospital uniforms wielding guns

Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace

This firm cult favourite follows a show within a show format, parodying both 80s horror television and dramatic soap opera.

A brown man sits on a chair with two older brown women and an older brown man stand around him with a vase of flowers beside them

The Kumars At No. 42

Over seven seasons from 2001-2006, Goodness Gracious Me’s Sanjeev Bhaskar plays an aspiring talk-show host who calamitously interviews high-profile celebrities.

A group of people pulling various faces at the camera


Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes pose as a couple in professional jobs in this hilarious and much-loved British sitcom.

A middle aged white woman and man looking concerned and upset

Mr Bates vs. The Post Office

Revisit one of Britain’s biggest miscarriages of justice in this gripping dramatised series about the Post Office scandal.

An older white woman and a young white man in fine 17th Century clothing

Mary & George

An incredible central performance from Julianne Moore leads this fearless and highly enjoyable 17th century romp.

Colourful animation of a family of blue and light brown dogs


With over one hundred episodes on offer, dive headfirst into this compelling, witty and utterly delightful Australian cartoon.

A frog sits on a lily pad eating a caught fly in the side of its mouth

Our Living World

Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett narrates this fascinating four-part nature series, exploring the inextricable ways we’re all connected.

White male golfer in dark clothing holding a gold ball and golf club walking across a golf course

Full Swing (Season 2)

Immerse yourself in the lives of professional golfers in this high-stakes second series of remarkable wins and losses.

A grainy still of a group of men sitting out the back of a van with its doors open

The Black Stuff

This dark comedy-drama offers a sharp and insightful analysis of the UK’s working class in Northern England.

Three white women and one Black woman stand with their arms linked and around each other

Band of Gold

Running from 1995-1997, this uncompromising three-season drama explores the lives of sex workers in Northern England.

Three white men smiling with a bright blue sky behind them

Queer as Folk

Hitting television screens in 1999, this extraordinary breakthrough hit explores partying, heartache and unrequited love.

Two Asian men dressed as young fans of hip hop, wearing a beanie and bandana and chains, rapping and being animated

Goodness Gracious Me

Revisit this iconic and forward-thinking British-Asian sketch-comedy, based on many of the actors’ own lived experience.

Two white women, one Black man and three white men stand in a line wearing various costumes; nun, police officers, admiral, etc.


Ricky Gervais’s follow-up to The Office is a funny and intelligent tribute to failed aspirations.

Three white men looking grumpy and one white woman smiling in dated office attire in a boring office setting

The Office

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s genius creation still reverberates through popular culture in the UK and beyond.

Two Japanese men stand on a high balcony overlooking a cityscape with brightly lit high-rises


Starring an international ensemble cast, this gripping crime series is set across the sprawling cities of both Tokyo and London.

A white man in countryside attire, walks with a dog beside a lake with a grand estate behind him

The Gentleman

British filmmaker Guy Ritchie adapts his film of the same name into a gripping eight-part series.

A white woman and a white man with ginger hair sit in a golden lit field of long brown grass smiling at each other

Alice & Jack

Follow the highs and lows of a sixteen-year relationship between two flawed lovers in Victor Levin’s gripping show.

A middle aged white woman with red hair in an updo and silk hair wrap, wearing a fur coat with a cigarette in her mouth, being surrounded by photographers and reports


It’s A Sin creator Russell T. Davies helms this biographical series about the flamboyant soap opera star, Noele Gordon.

A lioness with two of her cubs, one rubbing their head against her


Narrated by American actress Angela Bassett, immerse yourself in the tales of matriarchs from the animal kingdom.

A group of teen girls and one teen boy in white feathery angels outfits looking excited

What to Watch: International Women's Day 2024

Happy International Women’s Day! Celebrate by exploring an incredible selection of UK film, TV, animation and games created by inspiring women writers, producers and directors, and championing women-led stories and talent.

Animation of a green blue fly and a purple woodlouse standing in a pink bathtub with a yellow rubber duck and small spider on the background

Lloyd of the Flies

Aardman’s first CGI series is a glorious blend of comedic and affecting, brought to life by a stellar voice cast.

Animation of two red space creatures facing two blue space creatures across a dividing line of red and blue stones

The Smeds and the Smoos

Samantha Cutler and Daniel Snaddon co-direct this magical animated short that teaches children the damage of ignorant prejudice.

A white woman, white man and Black man stand looking mysterious and serious


Revisit this widely-adored post cold-war spy thriller that captivatingly blends the personal and the political.

A white man and woman with thick lens glasses lean over a table with maps and documents, looking intense


Jessie Buckley, Stellan Skarsgård and Barry Keoghan are outstanding in Craig Mazin’s powerful five-part mini-series.

Black and white still of a white man in a sharp suit and hat flocked by photographers with old style flash cameras

Get ready for the 2024 Academy Awards!

It’s time for the Oscars! We couldn’t be more excited and can’t wait to celebrate the UK titles and talent nominated in this year’s Academy Awards. Check out some of this year’s superb UK nominees in our roundup video!

BAFTAs 2024 - Highlights

What a night it was at the BAFTAs! We were on the red carpet chatting with the stars, including exciting new talent alongside some very familiar faces...

Stop motion animation of a blue train on the tracks riding through greenery past a quaint stone building

Thomas & Friends

Dive into this fascinating and much-loved fictional world, featuring the expressive faces of Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends.

Animation of a middle aged white man in a grey suit, with big ears and a mole on his face, holding a small brown teddy bear

Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

This long-running British children’s show is a charming, enjoyable and easily-digestible watch for both children and parents alike.

A group of people sitting on the floor and on chairs in a living room

The Greatest Show Never Made

Re-visit the fascinatingly strange story of a fake reality TV fiasco in this smart and thoughtful three-part mini-series.

Cheetah with two small cubs in a grassy landscape


Follow five predators across changing seasons and landscapes in this fascinating and informative wildlife documentary series.

A white woman and back man in a stylish suit and coat, stand by a car and glass fronted offices

Granite Harbour

This gloriously stylish and thrilling murder mystery stars an outstanding central performance from Romario Simpson.

A white woman with curly blonde hair and a white man with dark hair and beard, sit at a picnic bench beside a lake holding hands across the table

The Tourist (Season 2)

Danielle Macdonald and Northern Ireland’s Jamie Dornan masterfully lead season two of this brilliantly tense and fun caper.

Close up of a white woman in space in an astronaut's clothing and helmet looking shocked


Noomi Rapace and Jonathan Banks are captivating in this gripping sci-thriller from Breaking Bad director Michelle MacLaren.

A white man sits at his computer with projected images of white woman around him

Lover, Stalker, Killer

Explore the disturbing real-life story of a digital love triangle that ends in a chilling murder.

Colourful banquet with tall pastel candles as a group of people laugh, drink and eat

BAFTAs 2024 - Get Ready!

ScreenUK is so excited for the BAFTAs 2024! Check out some of the excellent nominees in our video roundup, featuring a plethora of UK talent...

An older Japanese man in elegant armour sitting on a white horse brandishing a sword, with red and blue background silhouette of other soldiers


Explore life in feudal Japan while enjoying a plethora of visual delights including skilfully choreographed fight sequences.

An older white man with big curly white hair and a thick grey moustache looking forlorn

Einstein and the Bomb

Explore Albert Einstein’s relationship with Germany, Hitler and the atom bomb in this thrilling and insightful docu-drama.

A young brown woman sits on a sunny grassy field next to a young white man lounging beside her, both smiling

One Day

Follow a romance that spans decades in this fourteen-episode series based on British author David Nicholls’ best-selling novel.

A Black man and American Japanese woman stand in a home, looking scuffed up and slightly bloody

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Atlanta star Donald Glover stars in and co-creates this eight-part series, based on the hit film.

A young white woman with short brown hair sitting in court being questioned


Laura Way directs this three-episode mini-series about the 2002 Soham murders, and Maxine Carr’s role in covering them up.

A young brown woman in a wrestlers outfit holding aloft a champion's belt


From the director of Cheer, documentarian Greg Whiteley offers up a new set of underdogs to root for.

Animation of four young Black kids in superhero suits in fighting poses

Supa Team 4

Talented Zambian writer Malenga Mulendema has created an engrossing, fresh and funny animated African adventure.

A young white woman in a yellow dress and a young Black man in pink scrubs sitting on a bed with yellow and pink post-it notes behind them on the wall

The Flatshare

An unconventional flatshare arrangement forms the backdrop for this light, enjoyable and hopelessly addictive rom-com series.

A young East Asian woman covered in blood standing next to a young white man looking shocked with a small amount of blood on his face


Set on a cruise ship, a killer duck is on the loose in this taut, gripping and compelling comedy-chiller.

A white man and white woman kissing in a vibrant neon lit side street with bars and restaurants

The Lovers

Johnny Flynn and Roisin Gallagher create believable chemistry as the two leads in this often charming, sometimes abrasive rom-com.

A young white woman with blonde hair in a 60s style looking hopefully out of a red bus's window

Funny Woman

Gemma Arterton is nothing short of charming in this entertainingly nostalgic series, based on the popular Nick Hornby novel.

A Black male tennis player in red sports shirt and shorts holding a racket celebrating with lots of energy as a numerous rows of spectators celebrate behind him

Break Point (Season 2)

Plunge into the intense world of tennis in the second season of this thrilling and high-stakes documentary series.

A seemingly middle aged white man with pale skin in a dark gothic setting wearing a black and red cape


Danish actor Claes Bang (The Square) is magnificent in this enjoyable, intelligent and frightening adaptation.

Bright animation of a family of pastel pink pigs, Daddy, Mummy, Peppa and George, standing on green field with a house in the background

Peppa Pig

This long-running British children’s show is a charming, enjoyable and easily-digestible watch for both children and parents alike.

The Wrap: January 2024

Let's have some fun tonight! Check out our round-up of the best film, TV, animation and video game titles coming to a screen near you this January.

Colourful animation of a large brown dog in scout's leader uniform, surrounded by various small smiling animals in front of a rainbow

Hey Duggee

Creative, inclusive, cheerful and educational, this hugely popular animated pre-school series is narrated by BAFTA-winning comedian Alexander Armstrong.

A white woman and white man sitting on the grass playing with a young baby and smiling

Fool Me Once

British actor Michelle Keegan is remarkable as the lead in this gripping eight-part mini-series about a grieving widow.

Super close up image of a praying mantis insect with a red background

A Real Bug's Life

Inspired by the 1998 animation, A Bug’s Life, Pixar explores the fascinating lives of the planet’s tiniest bugs.

Images of a young Black woman and man in colour performing into a microphone, and black and white images of them looking determined


Top Boy’s Malcolm Kamulete is as outstanding as the original music compositions in this remarkable rap drama.

A young white woman in a glamourous silver fringe dress in a purple lit nightclub

Sexy Beast

The Sopranos’ Michael Caleo creates, co-writes, executive-produces and directs this eight-episode prequel drama series.

A young Black woman and an older white man stand looking serious in a dark setting

Criminal Record

British actors Cush Jumbo and Peter Capaldi mesmerisingly lead this thrilling exploration of police corruption.

ScreenUK - Emmys 2024

ScreenUK wishes the best of luck to all of the incredible nominees in this year's 75th Emmy Awards. Check out our highlights video as we gear up to the awards...

A white woman in a white night dress laying slumped on the wet tarmac road of a country lane with three cows looming close behind

The Woman in the Wall

Featuring Bad Sisters’ Daryl McCormack, this exquisitely-made gothic mystery is as touching as it is harrowing.

An older white man in glasses looking thoughtful, a bookcase behind him

The Sixth Commandment

Timothy Spall’s performance is both wonderful and compelling in this intricate and captivating true-crime tale.

A white man sits in a dim 70's living room in an armchair beside a drinks table with bottles of alcohol and a landline telephone

Steeltown Murders

A Welsh community’s grief and past secrets are laid bare in this revealing, true-crime drama.

A white man in a lock up staring at a large shiny gold bullion

The Gold

British actor Hugh Bonneville leads this compelling drama about one of Britain’s most scandalous robberies.

A middle aged white woman sits beside a middle aged white man on a bench in the countryside eating chips

The Light in the Hall

Joanna Scanlan gives an outstanding performance as a grieving mother in this tense and frosty winter chiller.

Large colourful stage with 'Woodstock 99' banner and a sea of muddy festival goers

Trainwreck: Woodstock '99

This three-part documentary mini-series dutifully explores the disastrous events of the 1999 Woodstock revival festival.

Two middle aged white men looking glum at a pub bar


Peep Show stars David Mitchell and Robert Webb return to lead this enthralling thriller-laced sitcom.

Six men on a small row boat sailing through icy waters past a large glacier in the Arctic

The North Water

This five-part adventure series featuring a formidable Colin Farrell is the perfect series for winter night viewing.

An older bedraggled looking white man with loose coat, shirt and tie eating a melting ice cream while walking through a park

Slow Horses (Season 3)

British actress Kristin Scott Thomas is first-rate in this big, bold and unapologetically fun spy thriller.

Two young white women sitting on a cosy bed, with lots of posters and art on the walls, laughing

Such Brave Girls

Join an endearingly dysfunctional family with a questionable sense of judgement in this brutally hilarious sitcom.

An older white man sitting on a cushioned sun lounger by a private pool with lush greenery behind him, dressed in PJs and robe with a landline telephone to his ear


Based on the book by Dyan Cannon, the remarkable and little-known story of Hollywood superstar Cary Grant is skilfully explored.

A young white man sits on a GPs table wearing a colourful jumpsuit with a Black male doctor scanning him with a devise, a young redheaded white woman stands in the background


A vibrant and energetic central performance from Máiréad Tyers leads this creative and enjoyable fantasy series.

A white middle aged woman looking cautious holding a rifle


An outstanding central performance from British actor Keeley Hawes leads this nail-biting thriller about a holiday thrown into chaos.

An older white man in a red jumpsuit looks menacingly through a two way mirror, a younger white woman stands on the other side

The Devil's Hour

An incredible central performance from Jessica Raine holds together the chilling action in this Emmy-nominated series.

Close up of a young artic fox in a wild snowy landscape

Incredible Animal Journeys

Immerse yourself in various species’ migration journeys from the Antarctic to the African Savanna in this captivating seven-part series.

A young white male solider of WWII standing looking haunted

World on Fire (Season 2)

This ambitious drama shows World War II through the lives of the ordinary people who were forced to endure it.

A white family of a Mother, Father, teen daughter and young son, wearing dated, 'respectable' clothing sitting on the sofa and floor

Everyone Else Burns

Simon Bird leads this coming-of-age comedy about a family firmly entrenched within a religious cult.

A white middle aged woman in a Police Detective coat standing on a windy beach shore looking thoughtful

Annika (Season 2)

Season two of Annika returns with fresh plotlines, improved scripts and more ingenious darkly comic monologues.

A young white woman in an elegant blue corset dress and young black man in a smart black and white tux, lying on a stone floor beside each other

Behind the Scenes: The Buccaneers

The Buccaneers is a hugely joyful and charming series, starring Imogen Waterhouse and other British talent. We went behind the scenes and spoke to the series director Susanna White to find out how it came to be styled and filmed.

An epic shot of a green coastal hills and cold waters with a grand castle in the distance, a carriage and two horse ride along a path

On Location: Scotland

We asked Susanna White, the director behind the TV series, The Buccaneers, why she used such a varied mix of locations, and which were her favourites.

Grouping a three white men in vicar dog collars and a put together white woman

Father Ted

Dermot Morgan’s performance is outstanding in one of the most beloved and hilarious TV shows of all time.

The Wrap: November 2023

Debutantes, plucky underdogs, and evil exes... these upcoming November releases are sure to thrill! Check out our round-up of the best film, TV, animation and games titles coming to a screen near you this autumn.

A Black man and woman and two white women stand in a dark underground train tunnel wearing bulletproof vests


An all-star British cast feature in this glossy and stylish television heist, led by UK actor Gemma Arterton.

A white woman in a sophisticated hot pink dress with short blonde hair, smiling with her young sons, standing with her arm around the shorter one

The Crown (Season 6)

The fictionalised exploration of Britain’s Royal Family continues in The Crown’s sixth and final season.

A white man in a suit, JFK, walking away from an airplane with 'United States of America' written on it, surrounded by official people

JFK: One Day in America

With an original approach to a well-known story, director Ella Wright recounts the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

A middle aged white man with dark hair and tattoos, lounging in black vest and boxers, wearing a small gold tiger chain necklace

Robbie Williams

A four-part mini-series documenting the life of one of the most successful British performers of all time, Robbie Williams.

A young Black woman, brown woman and white woman smiling in a grand house wearing 1800s elegant clothing

The Buccaneers

Fans of Bridgerton will enjoy this raucous period rom-com, starring Kristine Froseth, Alisha Boe, Josie Totah and Aubri Ibrag.

Anime style animation of a white male character mid-action shot running with a look of determination

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

The film’s original cast return to voice this stunning animated series, based on the graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley.

Three white characters wearing elaborate period costumes representing significant historical figures

Horrible Histories

Learn about history through a unique and endlessly funny lens, in this original comedy series that’s not just for children.

A white man and woman in dark suits stand in a grand library

A Discovery of Witches

Immerse yourself in this supernatural fantasy series based on author Deborah Harkness’s dark and gripping trilogy.

A white woman with black hair in a bun wearing black elegant period clothing, spreading out tarot cards in a shiny wooden table

Penny Dreadful

Skyfall writer John Logan explores the origin stories of some of literature’s most horrifying characters, including Dr Jekyll and Dracula.

A young Black woman holding a white baby while she's on the phone walking outside

The Baby

Created, directed, written and executive-produced by an entirely female team, this eight-part series won’t fail to enrapture.

Young girl with dark hair, white shirt and black sweater vest, walking waist deep into a lake

Top of the Lake

Oscar-winning writer-director Jane Campion helms this captivating female-led crime drama, featuring a remarkable performance from Elisabeth Moss.

Two middle aged white men sitting on large tree roots, wearing muted outdoor clothes


Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones are outstanding in this charming comedy about two middle-aged metal-detecting friends.

Three young white women in period nurse uniforms riding bikes with young kids playing in the background

Call the Midwife

Immerse yourself in this moving, funny and progressive look at midwifery in 1950s East End London.

A white couple in autumnal clothing standing in soft outdoor light, embracing


Rafe Spall and Esther Smith are dazzling as a couple pursuing adoption in this unlikely comedic exploration of infertility.

An older white woman in a floral shirt stands in a sunny garden

Flesh and Blood

What you see isn’t always what you get in this gripping Imelda Staunton-led four-part mini-series.

A team of male footballers wearing black and white striped kit stood in a huddle on the pitch

We Are Newcastle United

This four-episode documentary series explores Newcastle United FC as they search for a sponsor and deal with accusations of overspending.

A young white woman and an older man stand behind reflected glass looking serious


Produced by the team behind Peaky Blinders, Stephen Graham and Unorthodox actor Shira Haas star in this time-bending crime thriller.

A group of young, cool people lounging against each other

Everything Now

Talk to Me actor Sophie Wilde is outstanding as a sixteen-year-old who strives to redefine herself outside of her illness.

Two male footballers in red and white kit, one with 'Beckham 7' on back of shirt, and a football manager on the football field celebrating


Explore the life, career and legacy of one of the most famous footballers of all time, David Beckham.

Two older white women, white older man and white middle aged woman standing in a grey countryside wearing thick coats

Last Tango in Halifax

Happy Valley creator Sally Wainwright constructs a warm and welcoming family drama starring Sarah Lancashire.

A young Black man in a suit standing at a tired office kitchen, flanked by a standing young white man and a seated older white man

Dreaming Whilst Black

Adjani Salmon co-creates and stars in this innovative sitcom about a Black filmmaker struggling to advance his career.

A white woman, white man and Black man stand looking determined in front of a turquoise van

Truth Seekers

Join comedy duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as they reunite in a series about paranormal investigators.

A tired-looking young white woman sitting on a bed clutching a stuffed diary


Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer is mesmerising in this sensitive five-part exploration of life after kidnapping.

Three men wearing steampunk, leather combat wear in a period setting

The Musketeers

Based on Alexandre Dumas’ celebrated novel, this three-series adventure-drama is a fun, fresh, and modern take on the classic.

A white woman stands on a dramatic rocky cliff side with bright blue skies in the background


Jenna Coleman is outstanding as the slighted wife taking revenge on her cheating husband in this compelling six-episode series.

Two Black men standing facing each other looking serious, one wearing a grey hoodie and black coat, the other wearing a burnt orange sweater

Top Boy (Netflix Season 3)

Regularly touted as the UK’s answer to The Wire, follow two complex anti-heroes in this powerful and tense gangster thriller.

A young Black woman with a mobile phone to her ear, wearing a fluffy multi-coloured jumper

Still Up

Craig Roberts and Antonia Thomas are revelatory in this charming eight-episode comedy series about two friends battling insomnia.

A middle aged white woman in a British police uniform standing in the door of a police car arm resting on door, looking serious into the distance

Happy Valley

Creator Sally Wainwright and actor Sarah Lancashire unite to create an unstoppably compelling and poignant three-series television drama.

Two middle aged white men sitting at a table with the countryside behind them in the window, one laughing, one looking fed up

The Trip

Join Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s dinner table as they review restaurants around the UK and beyond.

A Black woman with cropped hair, wearing a loose blouse and skirt and peach apron, walking through a plantation of tall crops looking determined

The Long Song

Based on the novel by British author Andrea Levy, this BAFTA-nominated mini-series looks at the life of Jamaican slave, July.

A young woman and young man stand on a windy beach looking thoughtful and melancholic

Normal People

Based on Sally Rooney’s widely-adored novel, Irish filmmaker Lenny Abrahamson creates and co-directs this impossibly moving series.

A white middle aged man with grey hair sitting at a desk in a suit with a quizzical facial expression

Doc Martin

Immerse yourself in blissful Cornish escapism over ten series with the grumpy but entertaining Dr. Martin Ellingham.

A man in smart clothing sits behind the wheel in a fancy old car, with another man in a suit sat in the back passenger seat


The origin story of Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth, is a captivating modern drama with a dark edge.

Three men in smart period business clothes and hats staring seriously at the audience

Ripper Street

This five-season post-Jack The Ripper crime thriller is thrillingly led by famed British Succession actor Matthew Macfayden.

A Black man with a shaved head and beard looks down the camera, his image is repeated and enlarged behind him with an orange clock face encircling him

The Lazarus Project

This compelling and time-bending drama is led by an excellent performance from I May Destroy You’s Paapa Essiedu.

A woman in a shipping container, wearing blue forensic gloves, pointing a gun low


Sarah Parish is outstanding as Detective Superintendent Elizabeth Bancroft, an intelligent career woman who is losing her grip on reality.

Two men standing beside each other on a beach looking serious

The Winter King

This ten-episode imaginative interpretation of King Arthur’s rise to power is a powerful story of enduring courage and sacrifice.

A man stands behind a woman with his hands up, pointing a gun at her back

Who Is Erin Carter?

Featuring rich character-driven drama with elements of high-stakes crime and action sequences, this seven-part mini-series is both unique and thrilling.

Two male teens holding hands, looking lovingly in each others' eyes, flanked by their friends with the Eiffel Tower in the background

Heartstopper (Season 2)

This infectiously charming and twice BAFTA-nominated teen series returns with a second eight-episode season of sweet and refreshing LGBTQ+ representation.

A group of serious looking people staring at the camera with a purple glow around them


James Nesbitt gives a standout performance in this tense eight episode remake of popular Danish noir series Forhøret.

A man and a woman sit on a bench a little distance apart looking sombre

The Sandman

Based on the DC Comic of the same name, immerse yourself in this fantastical, opulent and absorbing TV series.

A slim man with dark floppy hair and a trimmed beard wearing a vicar's collar, hands clasped, sitting down with a drink

Inside Man

Stanley Tucci is beguiling as a highly intelligent prisoner on death row in this riveting four-episode mini-series.

A blond haired man reading a leather bound book sits back to back with a dark red haired man with dark, steampunk glasses

Good Omens (Season 2)

Jon Hamm, Michael Sheen and David Tennant are outstanding in this six-episode fantasy-comedy based on the novel by Terry Pratchett.

An middle aged woman and man sitting beside a young woman on a sofa, all smartly dressed in a middle class living room


Succession’s Matthew Macfayden plays Labour MP, John Stonehouse, in this audacious, fun and thoroughly entertaining three-episode mini-series.


Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge marks her debut as writer-creator in this hilarious six-episode millennial flat-share sitcom.

Game Face

Creator and star Roisin Conaty leads this silly, hilarious and downright joyful two-season comedy series.

Death to 2021

Renowned satirist Charlie Brooker constructs a darkly comedic retrospective of the turbulent events that defined 2021.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Charlie Brooker thrillingly blurs the line between creator and viewer in this groundbreaking feat of interactive television.

The Great Barrier Reef

Journey to the unparalleled spectacle of the Great Barrier Reef with highly-lauded broadcaster David Attenborough.

A lion sits in some long grass.

Our Planet II

Following the release of Our Universe, David Attenborough narrates this four-part mini-series documenting the migration of animals across the planet.

Black Mirror

The smart, tense and satirical BAFTA-nominated television series Black Mirror returns for a much-anticipated sixth season.

The Full Monty

Twenty five years after the Oscar-winning film, this eight-part mini-series is a welcome and warm-hearted reunion.


As both executive producer and leading actor, Idris Elba astonishes in this seven-part hostage drama, thrillingly told in real-time.

Escape from Kabul Airport

With nuance and masses of historical footage, the tumultuous and notorious withdrawal from Afghanistan is examined in this shocking documentary.

Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes

Using a wealth of previously unseen archival footage, this fascinating but chilling documentary reconstructs the infamous 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

The Traitors

This high-stakes and extremely addictive reality TV show sees contestants ‘banished’ and ‘murdered 'as they fight for the cash prize.

Cunk on Earth

After Cunk on Britain, Diane Morgan takes on the history of the entire globe in this hilarious six-part mockumentary.

The Outlaws

Christopher Walken leads this unique, twice BAFTA-nominated series written by Stephen Merchant and Elgin James.


Fans of Shameless will enjoy this compelling caper co-written by and starring This Is England actor Joe Gilgun.

I Am...Ruth

Starring some of Britain’s leading actors, these stand-alone dramas are a searing exploration of the multi-faceted trials faced by women.


Maxine Peake is a powerhouse in this raw and tender four-part mini-series about the 1989 Hillsborough catastrophe.

Would I Lie To You?

The art of lying is elevated in this witty panel show, featuring Brits Rob Brydon, Lee Mack and David Mitchell.

The Graham Norton Show

BAFTA Award-winning comedian Graham Norton’s high-octane and infectiously charming persona brings to life this beloved long-standing UK talk show.


This gloriously funny Horrible Histories spin-off was deservedly nominated for Best Scripted Comedy at the TV BAFTAs.


This smart and compelling two-season series is based on real-life murders in Nottinghamshire, where the writer James Graham grew up.

Two women stand next to each other dressed in gold, white and blue Ancient Egyptian clothing

Queen Cleopatra

Adele James is captivating as Egypt’s last pharaoh, Cleopatra, in this compelling four-part docudrama hybrid.

Young woman in a blue old-fashioned dress sits at a desk

Tom Jones

Solly McLeod and Sophie Wilde shine in this enjoyable adaptation of Henry Fielding’s 18th century novel.

Group of elephants bathe in the water

Chasing the Rains

Traverse the often-unforgiving Kenyan landscape in this stunning nature series narrated by Bridgerton actress Adjoa Andoh.

Older man with white hair smiles against a backdrop of mountains and the sea

Wild Isles

Sir David Attenborough narrates this breathtaking mini-series exploring nature in the UK and Ireland.


A tense Northern Ireland-set noir produced by Line of Duty creator, Jed Mercurio, and starring James Nesbitt.

The Fall

The beloved Gillian Anderson and Fifty Shades of Grey star, Jamie Dornan, go head-to-head in this dark and stimulating thriller.

The Victim

Scottish stars Kelly Macdonald and John Hannah shine in this intelligent and gripping crime-drama about grief and loss.


Uncover the truth about the murder of a young woman’s mother in this gripping Scottish forensics drama.

Still Game

This BAFTA-winning cult comedy follows the misadventures of two elderly Scottish friends over the course of nine side-splitting series.

The Virgin Queen

This lavish mini-series featuring Anne-Marie Duff and Tom Hardy exposes the intriguing reign of Elizabeth I.

Wolf Hall

Mark Rylance is astonishing as Thomas Cromwell in this six-part series based on the international best-selling novel by Hilary Mantel.

Elizabeth I

Oscar-winner Helen Mirren stars as the iconic Elizabeth I in this acclaimed British-American miniseries.

Worried looking woman holds the face of a younger woman

The Good Mothers

A gutsy six-part thriller about three courageous women bringing down a powerful mafia organisation.

Young man and an older man in a suit sit on a bench next to each other in an art gallery

Dal y Mellt

This Welsh-language crime-thriller based on Iwan 'Iwcs' Roberts' first novel delivers both excitement and charm.

Woman and a child lean against an alleyway wall holding multiple bags

Rain Dogs

Daisy May Cooper is a working-class single mum on the fringes of society in this blistering comedy series.

Blonde woman stands at a lectern that reads 'City of Seattle', surrounded by two adults and two children

The Power

Toni Colette stars in an electrifying, 10-episode adaptation of Naomi Alderman’s bestselling novel.

Two middle aged men face each other in conversation, on a city roof

A Spy Among Friends

Damian Lewis leads a 60s-set espionage thriller about an agent who defects to the KGB.

Group of men and women stand in front of a large shipping rig

The Rig

An ensemble of UK actors gather for this unnerving sci-fi thriller for Prime Video.

Man in furry hat and glasses looks at the camera against a snowy backdrop

The Reluctant Traveler

Self-professed indoorsy type Eugene Levy ventures outside his comfort zone in this irreverent travel series.

Golf ball on a tee

Full Swing

A Netflix docuseries that delves into the world of competitive golf, via players such as Rory McIllroy.


Alexandra Roach and Adheel Akthar star in this cult-favourite crime series filled with adrenaline-pumping adventure.

Bearded man looks sad


A blood and revenge-soaked drama about a Dublin family embroiled in organised crime.

Two young man stand outside against a city backdrop

London Spy

Ben Whishaw stars in a sombre thriller about a world of betrayal and espionage..

Three men in suits against the backdrop of the MI6 logo on a screen.


Deception and paranoia percolate in a suspenseful limited series starring Charlie Cox and Ciarán Hinds.

Dark-haired woman in old-fashioned clothing and pearl earrings look sternly into the camera.

Mrs Wilson

Ruth Wilson stars as her own grandmother in a riveting, twist-filled three-part drama.


David Tennant plays the Russian defector in a four-part limited series about his 2006 murder.

Blonde adolescent boy in a dark school uniform, his face covered in blood.

Alex Rider

Based on the novels by Anthony Horowitz this young adult spy series delivers slick, escapist thrills.

Three young adults stand against an industrial night, green-tinged sky, holding swords.

Lockwood & Co

Attack the Block director Joe Cornish helms this young adult series about paranormal investigators.

Blonde woman holds a woman with dark hair up against a fridge, knife in her hand

Killing Eve

Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge brings her uniquely British comedy sensibility to this slick and subversive spy series.

Seated man with his fingers to his temple and a man stands behind him, in the wreckage of a destroyed house.


Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman star as the famed detective and his sidekick.

Young man in a smart suit and young woman in a smart 1980s style blue outfit hold hands and look to the side.

The Crown

Claire Foy, Olivia Colman and Imelda Staunton play various incarnations of Queen Elizabeth II in this Netflix drama.

Young woman with short dark hair stands in front of a gold futuristic background, her image reflected in the glass beside her.


Alex Garland’s cerebral sci-fi series is an impressively-plotted and realised meditation on big tech.

Blonde haired woman and dark haired woman embrace in bed.

The Bisexual

Maxine Peake, Naomi Ackie and Brian Gleeson star in Desiree Akhavan’s dramedy series about queer identity.

Young man surrounded by a young woman and older woman, dressed in glamourous black outfits with fur, stand outside looking sad. They look like they are at a funeral.


Succession meets Empire in this juicy and well-acted ensemble drama.

Woman with long red hair stands outside, wearing a fur outfit and tribal make-up.


A revisionist, riotous take on the Roman era, from creator Jez Butterworth.

animated scene of a group of colourful bears, some wearing yellow hard hats.

Big Tree City

A kaleidoscopic animated series from Blue Zoo about the animals who keep a city on its feet.

Animated image of a worm wrapped around the head of a mole, and various other creatures surrounding them and smiling including snails and frogs.


From the creators of The Gruffalo comes a story about a super-long and super-strong worm.

Group of people look towards the sky with a worried look on their faces

War of the Worlds

Gabriel Byrne stars in a third series of this relentlessly thrilling alien invasion drama.

Young woman in a yellow sweater looks at her phone with a shocked expression, standing in a corner shop

Chewing Gum

Michaela Coel shines in her filthy, joyous comedy about a young woman intent on losing her virginity.

Man in a top hat and 19th century clothing walks through London.


Julian Fellowes’ six-part period drama exploring the loves and losses of London’s elite.

Red-headed woman in Elizabethan dress

Becoming Elizabeth

A complex and gorgeously-crafted retelling of Queen Elizabeth I’s teenage years.

Blonde woman in an old-fashioned white nightgown lies across a man

Dangerous Liaisons

Lesley Manville, Paloma Faith and Rocks’ Kosar Ali star in this luscious and lustful period drama.

Man and woman walking on the street in London

C B Strike

Tom Burke and Holliday Grainger team up to solve murders in this cleverly-plotted and comedic crime series.

Young woman with short dark hair stands in front of a car with her arms folded, wearing a dark grey blazer jacket.


Carey Mulligan shines in a dynamic detective drama about a murder and its interconnected suspects.

Woman speaks into a walkie-talkie next to a man in a suit, both against a background lit up by blue lights

The Capture

Black Mirror meets Homeland in a British crime drama as chilling as it is thrilling.

Man in British police uniform looks at the camera against the backdrop of city lights at night.

The Responder

Martin Freeman gives a tour-de-force performance in a police drama based on real-life experiences.

Man covered in dirt in grey shirt in a barren landscape.

The Tourist

Jamie Dornan fronts this pulpy, puzzle of a series from the producers of Fleabag.

The Suspect

Aidan Turner goes full creep in this moody murder investigation drama.

Young woman sits on the steps leading up to a turquoise front door

Black Earth Rising

Michaela Coel gives a masterclass in intensity in Hugo Blick’s profound political thriller.

Man holds woman in an embrace  against backdrop of green fields with an old-fashioned wooden cart

The English

Emily Blunt leads a revenge-fuelled, revisionist and visionary western from Black Earth Rising’s Hugo Blick.


Join Hilda for an enchanting adventure in this magical and melancholy animated series.

In My Skin

A BAFTA-winning comedy series that follows a teenager’s turbulent life with her bipolar mother.

Conversations with Friends

Two sets of couples become intertwined in this psychologically-rich Sally Rooney adaptation from Element Pictures.


A dystopian, rap-based series intertwining several stories that play out against the backdrop of inner city London.


Anna Friel stars as a disturbed Detective Sergeant suffering blackouts in a binge-worthy crime series.


Nicola Walker investigates marine murders in this uniquely charismatic crime drama.

Criminal: UK

Kit Harington and Sophie Okonedo lead this Line of Duty-esque anthology series.

The Night Of

Riz Ahmed won an Emmy playing a young man caught in the carceral system.

Adult Material

Hayley Squires and Rupert Everett star in this darkly funny four-parter about the adult film industry.

I May Destroy You

Michaela Coel makes history with this brilliant, BAFTA-winning no-holds-barred series from the BBC.

I Hate Suzie

Billie Piper plays a volatile actress in Bad Wolf’s BAFTA-nominated series.

Good Omens

Neil Gaiman’s fantasy bestseller makes for a charming, and bracing six-part miniseries.

Penny Dreadful

A weird and wonderful take on Victorian London and the monstrous creatures that lurk within.

A Discovery of Witches

Vampires, daemons and witches feature in this enchanting fantasy series, based on the bestselling novels.

Derry Girls

A farcical, ferociously funny sitcom about four teenage girls growing up in Derry, Northern Ireland.


Lacerating comedy about the lows and sort-of highs of motherhood, from Catastrophe's Sharon Horgan.

This Way Up

BAFTA-winner Aisling Bea writes and stars in a dazzlingly funny exploration of depression.


Gentlemen Jack’s Suranne Jones leads this murky, BAFTA-nominated marine thriller that promises to electrify.


James Norton stars as an investment banker in this chilling exploration of organised crime.

Deadwater Fell

Fans of Broadchurch will lap up this layered and chilling crime drama, starring David Tennant.

Night on Earth

A surprisingly colourful and compelling wildlife series about the things that animals do in the dark.


A thrillingly well-acted three-parter about the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? coughing scandal.

State of the Union

A compact comedic drama from Nick ‘High Fidelity’ Hornby and stalwart British director Stephen Frears.


Ted Lasso’s Nick Mohammed teams up with David Schwimmer to fight cyber-terrorism in this workplace comedy.

Little Birds

Inspired by Anaïs Nin’s erotic stories, this six-part limited series stars Juno Temple.

The Pursuit of Love

Lily James and Emily Beecham shine in a lively adaptation of Nancy Mitford’s masterpiece.

The Last Kingdom

A captivating and contemporary rendition of Viking history, based on the novels by Bernard Cornwell.

Small Axe

Steve McQueen’s scorching anthology of British-Caribbean history, told with vitality and vehemence.


An effervescent and endlessly witty sitcom about two couples and their respective sex lives.

Wedding Season

Cheaters’ creator Oliver Lyttleton returns with another subversive rom-com romp.

The White Princess

Jodie Comer stars in this refreshing series of royal court drama, adapted from Philippa Gregory’s novel.

Five women sit behind a dinning table full of plates and wine glasses.

Bad Sisters

Sharon Horgan, Anne Marie-Duff and Eve Hewson star in a deliciously dark murder-plot comedy.


Two brothers try to get away with (accidental) murder in this pitch-black, Scottish comedy.


The cut-throat world of corporate finance is at the centre of this razor-sharp and riveting drama.

Save Me

A London-set thriller from the creator of Line of Duty, starring Suranne Jones.

Line of Duty

Vicky McClure, Martin Compston and Adrian Dunbar are the anti-corruption police unit searching for a mole.

Sitting in Limbo

A powerful and precise BAFTA-winning drama inspired by the Windrush scandal.

We are Lady Parts

Anthemic, anarchic comedy series about an all-girl Muslim punk band, created by BAFTA-winner Nida Manzoor.

Pip and Posy

A vibrantly-animated series about best friends Pip and Posy, based on the popular picture books.


Jane Horrocks and Samson Kayo star in this ambulance-based sitcom about the perils of paramedicine.

Frozen Planet

Polar bears, penguins and killer whales feature in this frosty seven-part series, presented by David Attenborough.

Planet Earth

Get closer than ever before to the majesty of our natural world with this wide-ranging and awe-inducing documentary series.

Blue Planet

Dive into the depths of the oceans with David Attenborough’s exploration of marine life.


BBC Earth and David Attenborough join forces for a ferocious and fascinating insight into five animal families.

The Green Planet

Sir David Attenborough unravels the mysteries of the plant kingdom in this astonishing docuseries.


Downton Abbey meets Broadchurch in this spirited period-dramedy about a lovelorn, crime-solving vicar.

Trigger Point

Vicky McClure and Adrian Lester lead a team of bomb disposal experts in this explosive series.

This is Going to Hurt

Ben Whishaw stars in the adaptation of former NHS doctor Adam Kay’s award-winning, bestselling memoir.

Doctor Who

An extraterrestrial Time Lord explores the universe in this long-running, ever-evolving sci-fi series.

Peaky Blinders

An electric and epic period drama set amid the gangsters and grifters of 1920s Birmingham.

His Dark Materials

Philip Pullman’s cherished trilogy gets a magical and mysterious adaptation, starring Ruth Wilson and James McAvoy.


A young carer contends with the pandemic in Jack Thorne’s rallying cry of a drama.

Sex Education

A joyously raunchy series about the sexual misadventures of a group of teens, starring Gillian Anderson.


Stephen Graham and Sean Bean are never-better in this poignant prison thriller from Jimmy McGovern.

It's a Sin

A powerful, politically-charged eulogy to a queer community and the deadly epidemic that tore through it.

Watership Down

The beloved children’s novel gets an all-star reboot in this four-part animated series..

World on Fire

Sean Bean and Lesley Manville star in an intricate, yet intimate WWII drama.

The Ipcress Files

The classic Cold War spy thriller gets a joyfully retro reboot, starring Peaky Blinders’ Joe Cole.

Gentleman Jack

The barnstorming series with one of TV’s boldest characters at its centre returns.

The Essex Serpent

BAFTA-nominated Clio Barnard directs this six-part series adapted from the gothic bestseller.

Ridley Road

A taut period thriller that sheds light on a dark moment in British history.


A young couple invite a third person into their relationship in this quietly radical British miniseries.


An uproariously funny sitcom about three twenty-somethings navigating love, life and chlamydia.

The Split

A sleek and steamy guilty-pleasure of a series from the makers of Chernobyl and Landscapers.

A Very English Scandal

A retelling of the 60s-era scandal that rocked the British establishment; as farcical as it is fascinating.

Little Drummer Girl

Florence Pugh shines in this seductive, politically-minded spy thriller, adapted from John le Carré.

The Night Manager

The world of John Le Carré is re-contextualised for contemporary audiences in this classy and captivating mini-series.


Featuring exquisite performances from two of the UK’s best actors, this is a true crime story laced with eccentricity and wit.


Secrets are abound in this brooding Scottish Gaelic drama, set in a Scottish Island community.


Romantic romp meets time-travel in this Scottish Highlands-set series starring Belfast’s Catriona Balfe.


The misty (and murderous) mountains of Snowdonia are the perfect setting for this Welsh-language whodunnit.


A Welsh detective series that made waves internationally with its gothic aesthetic and grimly compelling plot.

The Trick

A one-off drama that explores the events of the ‘Climategate’ scandal to potent effect.


Sex Education meets Dating Amber in this wholesome coming-of-age romance.


The rom-com gets revitalised by comedian Rose Matafeo in this winning London-set sitcom.

Slow Horses

Mick Herron’s spy franchise makes for an acerbic and arresting six-part thriller.

The Baby

A surrealist horror-comedy tackling the burdens and barbarism that come with having a baby.

Vanity Fair

A lively and thoroughly modern adaptation of William Thackeray’s classic novel about ambitious scammer Becky Sharp.

Top Boy

This barnstorming British crime drama boasts brilliant talent both in front of and behind the camera.

The Serpent

An atmospheric retelling of serial conman and killer Charles Sobhraj’s exploits on the 1970s hippie trail.

The Girl Before

David Oyelowo and Gugu Mbatha-Raw play an architect and his tenant in this heart-racing Hitchcockian thriller.

Stay Close

A past secret threatens to destroy three present-day lives in this propulsive mystery about regret and reinvention.


A delectable period drama based on Jane Austen’s unfinished novel about a Sussex seaside resort.


A dark, unapologetic whirlwind of a show about an aspiring rapper who gets drawn into social media influencing.

Gangs of London

Pulpy crime drama punctuated by explosive fight sequences, starring Joe Cole, Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù and Paapa Essiedu.


Erin Doherty leads this edge-of-your-sofa murder-mystery about a young woman whose social media obsession spirals.

Behind Her Eyes

Concocted by the mind behind HANNIBAL, this Netflix Original promises twists of epic proportions.

Anne Boleyn

Portraying the dwindling days of Anne Boleyn, this is a riotously revisionist period drama cum psychological thriller.

A Suitable Boy

Pride and Prejudice meets Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding (she directs this), with the pulse of a political thriller.