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I Used To Be Funny

Nominated for the Grand Jury Award for a Narrative Feature at SXSW Film Festival, comedic actor Rachel Sennott expertly conveys themes of fragmented traumatic memory and the non-linear, messy process of healing and recovery. With acting support from Olga Petsa, Jason Jones and Caleb Hearon, the intriguing dramedy is co-produced by London-based Partizan.





Sam Cowell (Rachel Sennott) - an aspiring stand-up comic and au pair who struggles with PTSD - decides whether or not to help search for Brooke (Olga Petsa), a missing teenage girl she used to look after. The story is split between the present, where Sam attempts to heal and get back on stage, and the past, where memories of Brooke make it impossible to ignore her disappearance.