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Likened to British TV series Fleabag and Chewing Gum, which also originated as one-woman shows, Mood is as revelatory and ambitious as its predecessors, but wholly original and packing more of a gut-punch. Punctuated by musical numbers and a savagely funny streak, British triple-threat Nicôle Lecky (writer, actor, singer) is definitely one-to-watch.


  • Stroma Cairns
  • Dawn Shadforth


  • Nicôle Lecky


  • Nicôle Lecky
  • Jessica Hynes
  • Paul Kaye
  • Mia Jenkins
  • Jordan Duvigneau


Wannabe rap star Sasha (Nicôle Lecky) is seduced by the world of social media influencing, after a painful break-up and being kicked out of her home, but as the divide between her dreams and reality grows, the world of online entrepreneurship isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.