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All My Friends Hate Me

Showcasing the talents of some of the UK’s rising comedy stars - Stath Lets Flat’s Tom Stourton, Lovesick’s Joshua McGuire, Pure’s Charly Clive - this wincingly on-point satire wrings sage truths from cringe, horror-tinged comedy. Both a gut punch and a tonic for all those second-guessers and self-doubters.


  • Andrew Gaynord


  • Tom Palmer
  • Tom Stourton


  • Tom Stourton
  • Georgina Campbell
  • Charly Clive


Pete arrives at a country mansion to celebrate another year around the sun with his university pals, but no sooner has he arrived than something feels off. Has he missed a trick? Pissed them off? Or do they simply no longer like him?