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A young Black man smiling playing a video on a laptop using a purple controller

The London Games Festival 2024

We joined festival director, alongside games creators to find out what the festival means to them and why the UK is a thriving home to exciting and innovative games development. Watch our exclusive video and hear what they had to say.

Pixelated gameplay of a woman character in a chamber with a furnace and an arrow pointing up a ladder

Crow Country

Solve puzzles and riddles in this eerie survival horror game that pays nostalgic homage to PS1-style gameplay.

A white woman with long wavy blonde hair and black coat and sunglasses holding a coffee cup looking serious stood in a lift

The Wrap: April 2024

Watch our video highlights and discover more great UK film, TV, animation and video games available to you this April!

Beautiful game play of a woman picking luminous blue flowers from a garden in front of a grand home

Botany Manor

Explore the stately home of Botany Manor in this delightful first-person puzzle game, set within stunning British countryside surroundings.

Animated gameplay of a young Black character with dreadlocks tied up in a bun looking out across a futuristic landscape

Tales of Kenzera Zau

Immerse yourself in this affecting single-player story, as players fight sleepless spirits and crystallise their enemies.

Gameplay of suited characters carrying weapons walking out of smoky, spaceship chambers


As a member of the SENTRY Defence Program, players must protect their vessel in this fast-paced and dynamic game.

A group of teen girls and one teen boy in white feathery angels outfits looking excited

What to Watch: International Women's Day 2024

Happy International Women’s Day! Celebrate by exploring an incredible selection of UK film, TV, animation and games created by inspiring women writers, producers and directors, and championing women-led stories and talent.

Game still of a young Black woman and a young white man playing guitar, sharing a microphone singing into it, sketchbook style animation

Riley and Rochelle

Immerse yourself in 90s nostalgia as you discover the highs and lows of the career of two romantically-involved musicians.

Gameplay of colourful playful animation of characters playing instruments in a green playing field with a crocodile in a robot astronaut suit in the background


Flex your creativity in a construction platform puzzler that transports you into the vast solar system.

Gameplay of a red robot getting sprayed with bubbles

Border Bots VR

On a future version of earth where AI dominates, play as a human border agent in this stimulating puzzle simulation.

Birds eye view of game play of featureless figures in in a restaurant and some players in the kitchen cooking and serving up food


Balance a disorderly kitchen and restaurant management with strategic planning in this delightfully fun roguelite game.

Gameplay of large mythical warrior creatures battling in a dark forest


Immerse yourself in this digital adaptation of the original board game, as you lead a group of mercenaries through Gloomhaven.

Pixel style game play of a female character with a red ponytail, backpack holding a sword, looking across a magical green landscape with trees, mountains and vegetable patches


Fans of Stardew Valley will enjoy this life simulation sandbox RPG, from veterans of the beloved Fable series.

Detailed gameplay of a white woman with brown ponytail bandaging her arm with a crossbow over her shoulder in a chaotic sea setting

Tomb Raider

Explore Lara Croft’s exceptional and valiant origin story in this well-written and thrilling classic game from 2013.

Old style game play of a white woman and white man in a suit holding a gun

Goldeneye 007

Over twenty-five years on, a re-master of the iconic 1997 first-person shooter game is available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

The Wrap: January 2024

Let's have some fun tonight! Check out our round-up of the best film, TV, animation and video game titles coming to a screen near you this January.

Gameplay of a beautiful mystic space setting, of a basic flying vehicle amongst wispy clouds and large galactic rock mountains

Heaven's Vault

Reveal a lost history in this engaging and unique narrative adventure game, featuring a diverse set of intriguing characters.

Bright cartoonish colourful gameplay of cars driving a green landscape with a black road leading vertically into the sky


Take control of the race by rolling your road to the finish line in this delightfully frenzied party racing game.

Serene animated gameplay of a young white woman hopping across rocks in a lush, green Scottish landscape with music notes floating up from her

A Highland Song

Immerse yourself in the Scottish Highlands as you traverse wild paths, dangerous mountains and imposing caves.

Cartoonish gameplay of a character shouldering a bazooka firing at a rock face

Big Fat Battle

Immerse yourself in this vibrant and brilliantly chaotic game of team battles, featuring delightfully off-the-wall characters.

Old school gameplay in a dark fantasy setting of a sword welding character fighting four snake-like monster heads in a gothic courtyard

The Last Faith

In this thrilling blend of metroidvania and soulslike, players must fight the scourge that is turning men into brutal creatures.

The Wrap: November 2023

Debutantes, plucky underdogs, and evil exes... these upcoming November releases are sure to thrill! Check out our round-up of the best film, TV, animation and games titles coming to a screen near you this autumn.

Gameplay of a blue racing car, whizzing through a snowy terrain with tall snow-tipped trees in the background

EA Sports WRC

Immerse yourself in this electrifying rally game, developed by the award-winning team behind the DiRT Rally series.

A green cartoon game figure with long arms is moving along a purple track of confetti and 'gulp' drink cans, with a red balloon in tow

Drink More Glurp

Compete with friends or play solo as you swing your way through this endlessly enjoyable mini-golf party game.

Animated gameplay of a wizard in large blue hat using a staff as a gold club inside a stone castle with treasures littered around

Dungeon Golf

Compete with friends or play solo as you swing your way through this endlessly enjoyable mini-golf party game.

Gameplay of a car speeding towards a viaduct in a scenic, mountain landscape

Forza Horizon 4

Snake round Britain’s country roads, speed through mountain ranges, and zip through dense woodland in this dazzling racing game.

Gameplay of a female character in steampunk clothing holding an old style rifle up, pointing and shooting, in a cave-type place facing a grand stone building

Fable III

Immerse yourself in this action role-playing game, the much-anticipated third instalment of the beloved Fable series.

Gameplay of characters in an animated farm setting with rows of crops a barn and tractor

Hokko Life

Design your own town in this gentle and endearing community sim game that will appeal to fans of Animal Crossing.

Magical gameplay of a character riding a dinosaur in a picturesque, pastel coloured landscape of willow trees and blue lake

Paleo Pines

Immerse yourself in this prehistoric paradise, as players befriend dinosaurs and grow crops in this delightfully adorable farming simulator.

Cartoon animated gameplay of a blonde female character and a red-bearded Scottish male running away screaming from a green sea monster

These Doomed Isles

Card game mechanics and city-building gameplay are seamlessly combined in this rewarding and satisfying godly adventure.

On My Screen: Michael French

We spoke with Michael French, director of London Games Festival, and asked him about his favourite UK Game Sable, which was developed at North London based studio Shedworks. Find out what he had to say in our exclusive interview.

On My Screen: Felix Barrett

We spoke with Felix Barrett, Artistic Director of Punchdrunk, pioneers of immersive theatre, to ask him about his favourite UK Game. Find out what he had to say in our exclusive interview.

Gameplay of white and yellow race car sliding and drifting across a dusty road with thick trees in the background

Dirt Rally 2.0

Put your driving skills to the test in this high-risk, high-reward gameplay that’s not for the faint of heart.

Game play of world building, a black and white bridge stitched to a colourful, tropical bridge


Solve a wide range of fascinating puzzles in this imaginative and expressive single player game.

Fallen London

Will you be a poet, lover or spy? Choose your own fate in this wonderfully immersive and absurd game.

Mask of the Rose

Flex your match-making skills in this thrilling romantic visual novel about love, mystery and profound shifts in a new society.

Behind the Scenes: Tunic

We spoke to the UK-based developer Andrew Shouldice and the creative team behind BAFTA Games Award-winner Tunic. Find out what they had to say about the game's aesthetic and musical creativity.

Cassette Beasts

Fans of both Pokémon and Dragon Quest Monsters will find themselves delighted by this nostalgic and charming turn-based, open-world game.


A man and his dog explore a minimalist and haunting world in this gloriously simple but satisfying sci-fi adventure game.

Not For Broadcast

Choose whether to censor the news or honour the truth in this high pressure and immersive BAFTA-nominated game.


This action-packed and frenetic VR game embroils its player in everything from fast-paced shootouts to more considered puzzle solving.

Dead Island 2

The much-anticipated sequel to the 2011 game will not disappoint as players try to survive a zombie outbreak.

Ten Dates

A sequel to the interactive rom-com game Five Dates, this time set in a post-pandemic world.

Love & Pies

A lovable merge matching mobile game that combines baking and romance to addictive effect.

Citizen Sleeper

A narrative-driven RPG set in a cyberpunk world. Think Blade Runner meets Tharsis meets Disco Elysium.


A BAFTA-nominated third person action shooter that blends extreme sports tricks with high-intesity combat.

Video game image of a childlike landscape with a rainbow and bunting.


Puzzles, crafts and sensory detail combine for a joyful experience in this adventure platformer.

Computer game scene of a frog and an alligator

Lil Gator

An adventure-seeking alligator completes island-based quests in search of friends in this open-world exploration game.

Animated video game image of a castle and dragon.

Death's Door

Explore enchanted forests and dangerous dungeons in this soulful and cerebral action-adventure game.

Video game image of a red sports car racing on a road with an aircraft flying very low above it.

Forza Horizon 5

Adventure through awe-inspiring Mexican landscapes with this impeccably-crafted open-world racing game.

Video game scene of a snowy landscape with a giant wolf sitting at the top of an outdoor staircase.


Inspired by Scandinavian folklore, this fairy-tale adventure game combines gorgeous animation and subtle storytelling.

Masked video game protagonist walks through a desert


A coming-of-age odyssey through Dune-esque landscapes make for an enchanting exploration game.

Video game scene of little turtles on a green platform, holding eggs


A cerebral puzzle adventure game where a tiny fox goes on a Zelda-esque exploration.

Two Point Campus

Two Point Studios’ spiritual successor to Two Point Hospital is a rewarding university campus management game.

F1 22

New rules, new cars, new modes. The ante is upped in this Formula 1® simulation game.

As Dusk Falls

An emotionally-intense interactive game where you make difficult choices in a decades-spanning story.

The Quarry

Modelled on an 80s slasher, this visually-stunning supernatural game provides some gloriously gory fun.


A horror-tinged oceanic exploration game that takes you to hidden depths.

No Man's Sky

Want to travel to outer space without the stress? This epic sci-fi exploration game is for you.

OlliOlli World

The third entry in the BAFTA-winning OIliOlli series is a vibrant and inventive action-platformer.

80 Days

A steampunk-styled choose-your-own-voyage adaptation of Around the World in 80 Days.