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Eddie the Eagle

Underdog sports films are a well-worn genre, but Eddie the Eagle finds new snow to plough with its lovable lead, played with an avalanche of charisma by Wales’ Taron Egerton. Come for the training montages set to an 80s synth pop soundtrack and stay for the comedic chemistry between Egerton and Jackman (in brusque, Wolverine-esque mode).


  • Dexter Fletcher


  • Simon Kelton
  • Sean Macauley


  • Taron Egerton
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Christopher Walken


Based on the true story of Michael ‘Eddie’ Edwards (Taron Egerton), a plumber from Cheltenham whose determination to compete at the Olympics leads him to Germany, and to Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman), a disgraced former ski jumper who reluctantly agrees to train the underdog who hopes of appearing at the 1988 Winter Olympics as Great Britain’s first-ever ski jumper.