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The Banishing

This period British horror is packed to the rafters with classic genre sequences. Creepy dolls? Check! Cloaked figures? Check! Poltergeists? Check! Child possession? Check! But more than just a bag of tricks, British director Christopher Smith sustains an atmosphere of genuine suspense, aided by the considerable talents of UK actors Jessica Brown Findlay and Sean Harris.


  • Christopher Smith


  • David Beton
  • Dean Lines
  • Ray Bogdanovich


  • Jessica Brown Findlay
  • John Heffernan
  • Anya McKenna-Bruce
  • Sean Harris


1930s, England. Reverend Linus (John Heffernan) and his wife Marianne (Jessica Brown Findlay) move into a new village with their daughter Adelaide, amidst a community that are losing their faith and a menacing spirit that plagues their house.