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ScreenUK at London Games Festival

"Humans play games, humans tell stories. The combination of the two should be something that everyone has access to."

Leah Muwanga Magoye - writer and narrative designer

Ensemble showcases UK video games talent from Black, Asian and underrepresented ethnicities – it champions game makers and industry influencers from a broad spectrum of roles and a wide variety of backgrounnds. The showcase launches and refreshes each year at London Games Festival, with a programme that includes a touring exhibit, talks and workshops, representation and a network of new voices. Exposure through the programme has encouraged many of its talents to start their own businesses. Meanwhile its striking showcase materials are helping inspire the talent of tomorrow.

We caught up with some of the creatives at the 2022 edition to see what they had to say about storytelling in games.

What makes gaming such a powerful form of storytelling?

If you could live inside a game which would it be and why?