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The Nest

Produced by the UK’s Element Pictures and BBC Films, Sean Durkin’s disquieting haunted-house drama is an exercise in mood and malevolence. With atmospheric visuals, production and sound design, and powerhouse performances from Carrie Coon and British actor Jude Law, Durkin orchestrates a growing sense of unease that will get under the skin more powerfully than any jump scare.


  • Sean Durkin


  • Sean Durkin


  • Jude Law
  • Carrie Coon
  • Oona Roche


Entrepreneur Rory (Jude Law), relocates his wife Allison (Carrie Coon) and their children from suburban America to a country estate in Surrey with ambitions to make money from 1980s London’s booming economy. But between Allison’s growing isolation and Rory’s growing bombast, their picture-perfect marriage starts to show cracks.