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The Old Oak

BAFTA- and Palme d’Or-nominated, Ken Loach offers what could be the last film of his incredible career, once again working with long-time British collaborators Paul Laverty (screenwriter) and Rebecca O’Brien (producer). Starring outstanding performances from UK actors Dave Turner and Debbie Honeywood, all characters are treated with Loach’s characteristic compassion. Co-produced by StudioCanal UK, Sixteen Films and BBC Film.





In a Northern British village, a lack of industry means that many struggle, with young people choosing to leave town while older generations - like pub landlord TJ Ballantyne (Dave Turner) - grapple with a new way of life in an ever-changing society. TJ’s pub, The Old Oak, is one of the last communal meeting places in town, and resentment and anger grows within its clientele as an influx of Syrian refugees move into the area.