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How To Build A Girl

With an accomplished supporting cast that includes Brits Paddy Considine, Alfie Allen, Emma Thompson and Sarah Solemani, this coming-of-age film is based on UK writer Caitlin Moran’s novel. British filmmaker Coky Giedroyc competently directs while the UK’s Oli Julian (Sex Education) delivers an impeccable score. Co-produced by Film4, Lionsgate UK and Monumental Pictures.





Set in the mid-90s, Johanna Morrigan (Beanie Feldstein) is an academic but lonely school girl whose idols (including the Brontë sisters, Freud and Sylvia Plath) communicate with her via pictures on her bedroom wall. After travelling to London to interview for a music paper, she reinvents herself as bad girl ‘Dolly Wilde’.