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Directed by British filmmaker James Hawes, and affectingly adapted to screen by UK screenwriters Nick Drake and Lucinda Coxon, this heartwarming story does great justice to a touching moment in British history. Welsh actor Anthony Hopkins and the UK’s Johnny Flynn lead this tremendous ensemble cast. Co-produced by See-Saw Films, MBK Productions and BBC Film.





In December 1938, young London broker Nicholas 'Nicky' Winton (Johnny Flynn), visits Prague to convince Trevor Chadwick (Alex Sharp) and Doreen Warriner (Romola Garai) to rescue hundreds of predominantly Jewish children before the Nazi’s close the borders. Fifty years later, Nicky (Anthony Hopkins) - still haunted by the fate of those he wasn't able to save - is re-introduced to some of the people he helped rescue via the BBC show "That's Life!", allowing him to finally come to terms with the grief and guilt he’s been carrying.