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ScreenUK Launches New Podcast Series

Teaming up with Den of Geek and Roddenberry Entertainment to present a special series of Does it Fly?, the podcast examines some of our favourite sci-fi classics from a sci-fact perspective. Can you change the laws of physics? We’re going...

What to Watch: Pride Month

Check out our selection of the best LGBTQIA+ focused UK film and TV to watch to celebrate this year's Pride month.

Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2024

UK animation enjoys success around the world and this year’s Annecy International Animation Film Festival presents 15 films from UK production companies, directors and universities in official competition.

A hooded silhouetted figure in front of a circle of supernatural, electric light of red and blue

The Wrap: June 2024

Discover more fresh and thrilling UK film, TV, animation, documentaries, and games waiting to entertain you this month!

New releases

A young white woman and man in a dark apartment block staring at each other intently

Kinds of Kindness

Emma Stone, Jesse Plemons and Willem Dafoe are remarkable in Yorgos Lanthimos’s dark and wonderfully bizarre three-part film.

A young Black woman sitting wistfully in an 80s style living room with plastic on the sofa


Set in South London, follow Jamaican-British woman Queenie as she finds herself heartbroken and caught between two cultures.

A woman footballer in red shirt and white shorts holding a trophy aloft with a stadium full of people cheering

Copa 71

Fascinating interviews and stunning archival footage seamlessly intertwine in this galvanising and remarkable documentary about the 1971 Women’s World Cup.

A young white woman in an elegant blue corset dress and young black man in a smart black and white tux, lying on a stone floor beside each other

Behind the Scenes: The Buccaneers

The Buccaneers is a hugely joyful and charming series, starring Imogen Waterhouse and other British talent. We went behind the scenes and spoke to the series director Susanna White to find out how it came to be styled and filmed.

A white woman with short blonde, crimped hair wearing a vibrant, colourful fringed jacket

Let the Canary Sing

Explore the legacy of iconic and trailblazing artist Cyndi Lauper in director Alison Ellwood’s fascinating documentary.

Gameplay of an industrial oil rig at a stormy sea

Still Wakes the Deep

Immerse yourself in this stunningly realised disaster story in which players must face a terrifying and unknowable enemy.

Close up of a young Black man with bright golden, supernatural eyes


In his follow-up to Blue Story, Rapman explores a group of Black Londoners who develop superpowers in this compelling series.

A man stands behind a dinner chair looking at a young boy sat at the table along with a woman eating food. A young man stands looking on in the background.

Behind the Scenes: The Lesson

We went behind the scenes and spoke to Richard E. Grant, and other cast and creatives about the film's setting and the themes featured in the impressive directorial debut from Alice Troughton. Watch our exclusive interview to find out what...

An epic shot of a green coastal hills and cold waters with a grand castle in the distance, a carriage and two horse ride along a path

On Location: Scotland

We asked Susanna White, the director behind the TV series, The Buccaneers, why she used such a varied mix of locations, and which were her favourites.

A young white woman kissing an older white man's hand, both wearing regal Tudor clothing


Alicia Vikander is remarkable as Katherine Parr in the English-language debut of Brazilian director Karim Aïnouz.

A white woman with dark hair, looking mournfully out into the distance


Julia Louis-Dreyfus gives a profoundly moving performance as a grieving mother in this darkly comedic drama.

A group of young people looking cautious standing in the woods

Wreck (Season 2)

Over six thrilling episodes, follow this dark series as a group of young friends go in search of the truth.

Gameplay of a group of varied characters

Democracy 4: Console Edition

Test out your political prowess in this captivating strategy game, where your political vision directly affects your success as leader.

A Golden Age for UK Animation

Did you get hooked on Peppa Pig during lockdown? Discover more UK animation through the work of these six exciting studios.

A white man wearing a dark green jacket and blue shirt sits beside a film poster for Foe

On My Screen: Iain Reid

At this year’s BFI London Film Festival, we asked Iain Reid, the Canadian best-selling author of Foe, about the one UK Film that he wants everyone to watch.

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A brown teenage girl sits next to a white teenage boy in a cinema screen eating popcorn looking shocked at the screen

How to Date Billy Walsh

American actor Tanner Buchanan stars as Billy Walsh in this satisfying and charming coming-of-age rom-com.

Animation of a middle aged white man in a grey suit, with big ears and a mole on his face, holding a small brown teddy bear

Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

This long-running British children’s show is a charming, enjoyable and easily-digestible watch for both children and parents alike.

A young white girl looking terrified in a lift

Elevator Game

Rebekah McKendry’s second feature is based on the chilling online phenomenon of ‘The Elevator Game’.

Anime style animation of a white male character mid-action shot running with a look of determination

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

The film’s original cast return to voice this stunning animated series, based on the graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley.

video game scene of a building falling down


An energetic platform-fighting game that combines great graphics with a fun concept.

Black and white image of two local Himalayan people, a young boy sat on an old man's lap

The Epic of Everest

Restored by the BFI, this staggering 1924 documentary captures footage from two ill-fated explorers on Mount Everest.

Fifty Dead Men Walking

A tense psychological thriller set during the Troubles, starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Jim Sturgess.

Gameplay of large mythical warrior creatures battling in a dark forest


Immerse yourself in this digital adaptation of the original board game, as you lead a group of mercenaries through Gloomhaven.

A Black man in a suit, a white woman in a leather jacket and a white man in a captain's coat all smoulder at the camera


With a healthy dose of characteristic British humour, explore a rift in the time-space continuum in this captivating series.