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This thrillingly unconventional adaptation from British co-writer and director Andrea Arnold gives refreshing relief from standard period drama tropes. With Heathcliffe reconceptualised as black, the exploration of race is skillfully threaded throughout. With an exceptional UK cast, and shot across the stark Yorkshire moors, the film is co-produced by UK companies Film4, UK Film Council and Ecosse Films.





After homeless youth Heathcliffe (Solomon Glave) is taken in by the wealthy Mr Earnshaw (Paul Hilton), he develops a romantic relationship with another child in the home, Cathy (Shannon Beer). After she accepts a marriage proposal later in life (now played by Kaya Scodelario) from the well-to-do Edgar Linton (James Northcote), Heathcliffe flees, returning years later as a fully-grown man (James Howson), where the two pick up their tumultuous love affair.