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Developing new audiences: international case studies

Saturday 18 May | 16:00 - 17:00
[UK Pavilion]

Developing new audiences for independent film: international case studies

What do Godzilla Minus One, European arthouse films and anime have in common? Join our panel of international experts to discuss innovative projects and release strategies to reach new audiences. The panel will look at how young film lovers are engaging with arthouse films in the ‘European Film Challenge’ project; and to what extent the relationship with fans and influencers can shape the release strategy of distributors such as Piece of Magic Entertainment. We will look at new initiatives developed through the Futura Cinema incubation hub in France and the UK ‘Escapes’ project, to create and grow more inclusive and accessible cinema experiences.


Ben Luxford | Director of UK Audiences


Sarah Calderon | Director
The Film Agency

Ian Cartwright | Co-founder

Manon Dulauroy | Distribution Director
Piece of Magic Entertainment

Jérémy Zelnik | Head of strategic and financial development
Futura Cinema