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Prints & Advertising Support – UK Global Screen Fund

The UKGSF International Distribution: P&A Support will help secure wider and higher profile cinema releases of live action and animated, fiction and documentary feature films that are capable of qualifying as ‘British’ films under the current definitions, including UK co-productions, and which otherwise qualify as an Eligible Film (as per the requirements set out in section 2 below). Eligible Films can be in any language, including English. We are looking to provide support for those Eligible Films that have clear appeal to identified international audiences, and strong potential for commercial success.

P&A Costs are all of the marketing and technical costs associated with the theatrical release of a UK independent film in a given international territory, incurred by the local distributor. UKGSF P&A Support funding is available for certain eligible P&A Costs.

For more information, visit the UKGSF page on the BFI website.