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How the UK’s new AVEC works

Rye Lane

Saturday 18 May | 11:30 - 12:30
[UK Pavilion]

How the new Audio-Visual Expenditure Credits (AVEC) work and the introduction of the AVEC for independent film

This session will unpack the details of the UK’s new Audio-Visual Expenditure Credits which were introduced at the start of this year. Our panel of experts will also talk about the new uplifted AVEC of 53% (40% after tax) which was announced in March for UK qualifying independent films. This new measure is open to UK qualifying films with budgets up to £15m and which have a UK writer and/or UK director, or which quality as official co-productions under one of the UK’s bi-lateral treaties or the European Convention. We welcome your questions!


Anna Mansi | Director of Video Games & Certification


Judith Chan | Executive Director
Coutts & Co

Harriet Finney | Deputy Chief Executive

Isla MacGillivray | Partner

Bennett McGhee | Co-founder
Home Team