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International co-productions: case studies

September Says

Friday 17 May | 16:00 - 17:00
[UK Pavilion]

International co-productions: case studies

The session will take us behind the scenes of two international co-productions funded by the UK Global Screen Fund: September Says, the directorial debut of Ariane Labed premiering in Un Certain Regard (Ireland, UK, Germany), and Leonora in the Morning Light, a film by Thor Klein currently in production (Germany, Mexico, Romania, UK), revolving around the story of British Surrealist artist Leonora Carrington. The UK producers, alongside the international majority co-producers, will share the films’ production histories, addressing the creative and financial challenges met by the partners and the opportunities offered by international collaborations. 


Denitsa Yordanova | Head of UK Global Screen Fund and International Funds


Rachel Dargavel | Producer
Crybaby Films 

Mark Byrne | Group Head of Business Affairs
Sackville Film & Television Productions

James Heath | Exec Producer
Mallinson Television Productions 

Chelsea Morgan Hoffman | Producer
Element Pictures

Lena Vurma | Producer
Dragonfly Films