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Storytelling across media

Immersive exhibit

Sunday 19 May | 14:00 - 15:00
[UK Pavilion]

Storytelling across media: film, TV, interactive formats and games

Meet our panel of creatives, working across film, television and games, and discover how they are playing with different media, experimenting new ways of telling stories. We will investigate creative processes and explore affinities and differences, travelling through traditional and interactive films; short-form content for the internet and TV; and films and novels adapted into games. We may eventually be lucky enough to answer the question: is it possible to be ‘platform agnostic’?


Nadia Maria Oliva | Film and industry programmer


John Giwa-Amu | CEO
Good Gate Media

Neil McPhillips | Co-Head of Games
Blazing Griffin

Eline van der Velden | Founder and CEO